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Hey welcome to keith and the girl i'm keith malley hamda censoring listener keith girl dot com slash tickets in april in new york city see us in la that's all over the place there's no excuse not to see you where on one side of the other keeping the girl dot com slash tickets today's guests has been featured in the riot la comedy festival just for laughs chicago and somebody happened to write me today saying on thinking about going to that group selfhelp landmark and it was one of my favorite episodes it was with one of my favorite guests go to keith and the girl dot com slash reena calm and you'll see all the shows that rena was on including that landmark episode no punt rena calm doing reno very good happy to be back it's good to see yeah rena was at a wedding recently i was just this last weekend here for wedding and mentioned that the bride and groom the sided to give the what do they call us patrons guests yes supporters family and friends the customers to gifts this is this is not this not this wedding this was this is the last wedding i was here for yeah on his that god reno shit so you were at a wedding one time i did a wedding guests molly to everyone yes well everybody that wanted it wasn't forced or surprised on anyone it wasn't slipped into anything it was just like a very private party favor kind of thing that you could go get after dinner now it takes a while for the molly to kick in soom.

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