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Daytona Beach, Florida three two one one five seeing it down speed. I wonder what happened to somebody said that it was plain block. Here's what if they write it out long hand magin, they would still do or taken as I would knowing Tom Chambers and the guys at his would there still showing six cars on the lead lap at lap. Three sixty. We had a pretty good rundown. We're now at leapt three seventy one so that was eleven laps ago. But not a whole lot his change in the top five with Bill Elliott setting the pace Allen Kalicki now moving up to second stolley Marlin dropping back to third fourth. Kenny Schrader take traders had a good run here today. Also that team is another one turned around and recent weeks, and we'll talk about that Harry Gant has had consistent strong car all day long. He is currently fifth and six is Geoff Bodine. Those are the only cars on the lead lap out of turnover. Four and back into the front straightaway. Alan Kalicki is a leader. He's a head of Bill Elliott by some three or four car links Sterling Marlin now slides back to the third place. Fourth is Harry Gant and fifth continuing to run pretty strong out. There is Kenny Schrader Schroeder said the other day this been a good track for him here. Rockingham spy. The fact that he'd rectal times this is one of them best treks enjoy running. Here we run fourth or third here. His third in the spring. And we started last we had us a backup car now that we kill two cars here we killed one week week before the race testing. And we hurt one of Friday after we'd are a qualified, but I really liked this place. And I was look forward coming here. You can reach up some cars at this racetrack over the years. We've seen a lot of cars get really buying up. The turns wanted to use the trouble spots. But today, it hasn't been that bad because if you go off in that corner to wide is almost certain somebody's gonna end up in the wall or used to be when the track is kind of slippery over there, and dick you had some great runs at this track. You come close to winning here timer to over the years. The drivers talk about the track just falling out from under you going out of turn to. And that's you see more accidents. Right. They're coming out into that straight away. And you'd think that would be the easy part of this racetrack. But it isn't. If you can strive turnover they're coming down oppressed grade away and come off the fourth turn. And you got you don't have a tight turn the long sweeping turn. But it's the circle down the front straightaway. As you go down. There you go into the first turn as we said earlier, you're already turn when you go down. And so it's fine. We come back straightaway. It just seemed like I don't know how to describe it somebody, but you have to hold the car down a lot longer than you would want to it looks like, and you mind, or you mind said well, you're around or you can let the car start drift. But when you do you get up, and you run out of Bank, and and the car get loose on you over there. I keep hearing a minute corners talking about pocket loose out of back straight aware coming off a second. What happened there just a little bit too? High too quick guys at all down tight are really really humping down the back straightaway. They don't slip scrub up, and he speaks treacherous place over there. I've seen card right from Washington. Never done it. I've seen part right in front of me. That would big on long straight. Just all of a sudden just driving wall happens an awful lot. I guess that's probably the only place over there. I've never hit and every hit that shouldn't make fun though. Because dick Brooks finished highest third. A couple of times in Winston Cup races. Here had a fourth about three or four top five. Finishes addition to that. So dick books get around this racetrack..

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