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Every time. Iran. Is from heaven. Jim no cloud contain. All right. We do have a little rain down here. Early this morning on again off again showers for today. We'll be inside watch races watching the football games. And. The Golden Gate fields for dollar day and enjoy horse racing and the football games. And to give us his predictions on. How the games are gonna go. We have the professor live Las Vegas. Good morning. Gordon? Good morning salmon about all we can say today is. And then they're worth four sports teams the four best teams in the NFL defense matters. But so for offensive teams that are there for the final four in horse racing. And and and football, and here's the important thing. No home team is favored by three points in both games. They opened at three the book bakers integrate Shaab they're closed at three Kansas City and ano for. Yes. New orleans. Okay. Now, the they were concerned about the weather, but the weather is not gonna play that big a factor in that Kansas City game. But the first game the day at twelve noon will be the Rams from California going to New Orleans and playing against the saints. So we have the old timer and as against the youngster. Jeff. For the rent. And you know, both of those guys vista breeze. Mr. red zone have an Mr. gov. Have thrown thirty two touchdown passes, but wage breeze. Intercepted only five times golf more than twice as often twelve times. So they could vantage I one hundred and fifty and passer rating for breeze one on one for God. And they're playing and they hated dome the dome that savors the home team because like Minnesota in baseball the noise of the dome in favor of that. So there's the big advantage of where they're playing the biggest vantage and passing and both teams have a pair of good rusher. So I came up on my errands medic and my chronological players eighty one percent for the New Orleans Saints. No, I'm sorry. Sixty percent for the New Orleans Saints over the lifetime. This Rams in the dome home team advantage. All right. So you're going with saints the over under I think around fifty six fifty five fifty seven where did it end up right in the same spot? And you know, it's just the best offenses often may say defense matters. And it certainly does. But before best on there for us to watch. And of course, that's spectacular Mr. Mahomes. It's the young quarterback twenty three against the older veteran almost doubled his age Brady, but listen to this. Both guys have intercepted about the same number by homes with his wild play twelve times radio eleven but listen to the touchdowns fifty for the virtual rookie fifty touchdowns for Mahomes. That's what's up in manning territory. Twenty nine touchdowns barely half as many for Brady. And if you wanna talk about the rush. Shing Kansas City averaging more than a half yard per carry. And so that's the Eighty-one percent game. Surprised even me New England always there. But Kansas City finally there with the wonder kid woundr, keyed, Mr. Mahomes. All right. So you're going for the chalk of the two favorites who are at home and her survived all the games that started back in September. And now we're coming down to the final two that will go to the Super Bowl, you know, taking the saints minus three and Kansas City, minus three today all beginning at noon on. Final weekend before Super Bowl, which will be in two weeks. And do you have a horse or two from Santa Anita? Well, just like last week. I gave you three sprinters stretching out one of them made the grade. So to losers was minus one unit and minus one unit, but a horse called reforestation wedding in the fifth raises Santa Anita oopsy stumbled and got left at the start. He rallied. He won a photo. And they paid two thirteen twenty so minus two minus two and plus five and a half years. We doubled our money, thanks to the Hugh Roe IX of reforestation. Well this week. Here's the big three in the first. At Santa Anita him check comes in from Ireland. He's sixteen starts on turf abroad in Europe, where they have tougher grass horses than we do more wins. Three seconds two-thirds. He carried one hundred thirty three hundred thirty four hundred thirty five pounds to victory. He's dropping. A dozen pounds. And he's five to two with Mike Smith. Let's take the invader in the opener. At Santa Anita always called Hannah. Check the number four Sam okay pin? Check the Irish bred. Mike Smith will be hopping aboard for Richard Mandella next up. Well, the fourth and fifth racism in the fourth my like speed horse called bless his heart. It's number three horse Horta one. And who in the world is eating forest forest. Well, he's a wonderful young writer who's been writing successfully around the country will get four to one with a guy like that in the saddle going on six and a half furlongs, the maidens and blasted smart has hidden route fractions went too fast too soon under around two turns and he has hidden spread fractions. He's too quick for these the buyer figure is low because it's based on final time. But this young Horace can't read the racing for him. He just went too fast too soon has the top figure. So let's embrace afford a one-shot fourth its sanity bless, his heart. The number three Sam alright and quickly the final picked up the day at Santa Anita by the professor. Well, let's go to the fifth race blue moon rise the number five horses seventy-two Talamona. Here's this. Story left at the post. He bobbled almost shove the jockey and then recovered to run twenty one and three blazing fraction. Forty five turn time..

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