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This is W. N. Y. C. ninety three point nine FM and AM eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation live from NPR news in Washington on Giles Snyder the US attorney for the western district of Texas John bash says federal authorities are treating Saturday shooting in el Paso that left twenty people dead as a case of domestic terrorism you're treating it as a domestic terrorism case and we're gonna do what we do the terrorists in this country which is deliver swift and certain justice thirties about a capital murder charge against you cues del Paso common law enforcement has yet to confirm whether he wrote an anti immigrant screen that was posted online shortly before the attack president trump calling on lawmakers to pass legislation require strong background checks on firearms purchasers posted a couple of tweets a short time ago about the Texas shooting and the one in Dayton Ohio ahead of remarks he is expected to deliver the White House later this morning Iran's foreign minister says the US is in his words standing alone in the world and has failed to build a coalition with its allies in the Persian Gulf impairs Peter Kenyon says remarks come a day after Iran sees the foreign ship travelling to the Gulf foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told a news conference that the American presence in the Gulf had caused misery and he accused Britain of being complicit in what he called US economic terrorism three spoke a day after state media reported Iran's revolutionary guards it seized the vessel allegedly carrying smuggled fuel to run is now sees to foreign ships Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke to reporters seem to run today after the trump administration impose financial sanctions against him this is NPR and this is WNYC in New York at seven thirty two good morning I'm David first seventy two degrees now in Central Park mostly sunny going up to a high of eighty four this afternoon local leaders are reacting to the mass shootings across the U. S. as speaking on NBC's meet the press New Jersey senator and presidential candidate Cory Booker said president trump was responsible for harming the moral fabric of the nation my faith have this idea that you reap what you sow when he is sowing seeds of hatred in our country and route this harvest of hate violence that we're seeing right now allies at his feet in a statement to New Jersey governor Phil Murphy said it was past time for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to put a gun safety legislation up for a vote in the US Senate a New York lawmaker says he would like to see the stage DMV adopted the requirement for driving tests state senator John Lou says it's not enough that it's illegal to open a car door on safely into oncoming traffic a practice commonly known as during that can be especially dangerous for on coming cyclists Lou says he would support including the Dutch reach technique in driver's ed in a driver's road test if you want to fall out of a parking spot you can't simply look in the rear view mirror you literally have to physically look over your shoulder to make sure that there's no oncoming traffic the same should be true and required for opening the door so far this year to cyclists in New York City have been killed in Doering related incidents the twenty ninth annual dragon boat race took place in flushing meadows park over the weekends W. N. Y. C.'s rose merry misteri road along golden dragon heads lurch forward at the sound of the air horn a drummer sits at the bow and every boat keeping time the ten hours here is the pushing against the waters of the meadow.

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