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You know i'm it i'm curious if we didn't have the investment in the business logic this in ruby now what sort of stack what i choose if i were building this out and i almost wonder and this is purely speculation but almost wonder if if it wouldn't be more of a polyglot stack or a a hybrid where he had a language that is really good at taking the queries in from graft you'll and just dispatching them to the rpr's he calls to the back whatever field in and type that you're trying to resolve in speak may be gop see the back in on some of that something that's ultra portable were you not invested in yatta a protocol between graft you'll earlier in the in the back just like you between the front in in the middle to your via graft you will where he's in gop c to hit a lot of our different uh heterogeneous back in technologies that has its own problems since some of those are legacy in jason jason has been kind of the link ronkko four quite a while now where udus parsons jas on and you have just enough typing to pass along to the next tier and try to pull something unstructured like that through grp c he is kinda hard because just even describing kind of an unstructured document an ideal is difficult which probably means that you know you've missing some design in the in the process somewhere but it working with legacy systems i guess that's where some of them.

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