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Bureau John Whitley is the technical supervisor I'm Steve Dorsey CBS news news ninety three point one K. F. local news breaking news traffic and weather BG Sacramento and I'm calling upon and I heard a radio station news ninety three point one KFBK two porch pirates been arrested in Chico you're on Christmas week flipping their car try to get away from deputies the Buchanan sheriff's department says the two suspects over one hundred packages from thirty seven different addresses all of methamphetamine president trump sticky on the homeless crisis in California running on social media over Christmas the governor Gavin Newsom is a really bad job taking care of the homeless population in California if we can't fix the problem the federal government will get involved report from hut on Friday showed the nation wide hole was numbers were up by fifteen thousand twenty nineteen but the major increase came from California twenty one thousand more people living on the streets increase of sixteen percent and the could be eight more cases against disgrace movie producer Harvey Weinstein of Los Angeles county DA is reviewing the potential cases now that's the news object Cronin a good afternoon to you the ride greed belong in Dixon west brown R. ET slam between one thirteen after Dixon Avenue there are no Jane restrictions on highways eighty fifty eighty nine or highway four for minor both directions find AT the dollars summit rest area.

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