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Is now turning to a largely conservative appeals court to reverse a decision that blocks the state's new law barring most abortions after 6 weeks before many people even know they're pregnant Here's NPR's Carrie Johnson Texas is headed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th circuit The state is asking that court to reverse a district judge who issued a preliminary injunction against a new law known as SB 8 Judge Robert pitman says the state deprived women of their constitutional right to abortion by developing an unprecedented scheme to allow bystanders to sue people who help women get abortions Attorney general Merrick Garland called the lower court decision of victory for women He pledged the Justice Department will continue to protect constitutional rights against all who would seek to undermine them Carrie Johnson and pyrrhus Washington Pfizer is seeking U.S. government approval for its COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech say their research shows younger children should get one third of the dose now given to older kids and adults one of the study participants 8 year old Sebastian says he was nervous to get the first shot but was proud to take part in the study It makes me very happy that I am helping other kids to get the vaccine and honestly if I have to get the shot again I would honestly I would Well kids are at lower risk of severe illness COVID-19 has killed at least 520 children so far If the Pfizer vaccine is approved by federal regulators it would expand vaccine availability to an estimated 28 million more children in the U.S. likely reducing school shutdowns and quarantines This is NPR From W ABE news in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim beris our time Miss four 32 the future of transportation in Atlanta was the main topic at a forum last night featuring three of the top 5 polling candidates for Atlanta mayor And mil Moffett has more Along with affordable housing and public safety transit continues to be among the most talked about issues that this mayor's race council member Antonio Brown says old ideas of how to move people around Atlanta just aren't working You need leadership that has a fresh perspective That's not caught up in the politics in the city Fellow councilman Andre Dickens says transportation is critical beyond just getting people to and from work It's about connecting people to where they need to get to for educational opportunities for health opportunities Council president Felicia Moore says the mayor plays a major role in which projects get priority You use that influence that you have and that bully pulpit and you scream loudly and you make sure you get the right people in place The three candidates at last night's forum were peppered with questions about the future of the bout line all three said adding light rail is a must Again Andre Dickens I am not satisfied with a large sidewalk that people enjoy walking on or cycling on but I am very interested in making sure that this 22 mile loop has rail on it Felicia Moore says light rail would add more affordable options for getting around the city We want the belt line to be that connective source And we want everyone along that belt line to be of a variety of income levels With an estimated price tag of two and a half $1 billion Antonio Brown says Atlanta should take advantage of federal infrastructure dollars to finally put rail on the belt line To ensure that we have the funds to sustain what is necessary and what this city should have already had in place The forums organizers say the two other top polling candidates kasim Reed and Sharon gay were invited but chose not to take part a meal Moffat W AB E news It's been more than a month since a nationwide eviction moratorium expired leaving tenants locally without any protections Statewide moratoriums like in California are also expiring Today at 6 joined W ABE reporter Stephanie stokes and reporters from around the country for a conversation on Twitter spaces about the effect of these.

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