Julie Kelly: Dems Cannot Afford to Have Trump Win Again


I'd like you to comment as Michael Anton has a piece out called they can not let him back in And the gist of it is you know what exactly what it said that they can't afford at this point Julie the swamp to let Donald Trump run again and win because now he's got the political connections he understands the process And Michael lays out a multi part plan The first part of the plan to keep him out of office plan a is the January 6th hearings They were never designed to get to the bottom of anything The sole purpose is to politically damage Donald Trump That's exactly right And I urge everyone to read anything that Michael Anton ever reads because he's great He's a genius And he also understands the political environment but that's exactly right They can not allow Trump back in That's why they're throwing everything that they possibly can At great risk to the peace and stability of the nation And the integrity of our government institutions to make sure that he's not back in The White House because he does understand what's happening And I think hopefully he realizes the mistakes that he made especially related to personnel And I saw some headlines that Donald Trump wants to be back in The White House for a reason Good Because there are lots of us who want revenge on what this government has done to him and to all of us for the past 6 years

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