Tatum's huge effort helps Celtics win 108-95 to force Game 7


The the the the Celtics Celtics Celtics Celtics have have have have forced forced forced forced the the the the seventh seventh seventh seventh game game game game in in in in the the the the Eastern Eastern Eastern Eastern Conference Conference Conference Conference semifinals semifinals semifinals semifinals with with with with the the the the one one one one await await await await ninety ninety ninety ninety five five five five win win win win at at at at Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Jayson Jayson Jayson Jayson Tatum Tatum Tatum Tatum pumped pumped pumped pumped in in in in forty forty forty forty six six six six points points points points for for for for the the the the Celtics Celtics Celtics Celtics in in in in a a a a scoring scoring scoring scoring tool tool tool tool with with with with Jana Jana Jana Jana said said said said tend tend tend tend to to to to Cobo Cobo Cobo Cobo who who who who finished finished finished finished with with with with forty forty forty forty four four four four points points points points twenty twenty twenty twenty rebounds rebounds rebounds rebounds and and and and six six six six assists assists assists assists Jaylen Jaylen Jaylen Jaylen brown brown brown brown scored scored scored scored twenty twenty twenty twenty two two two two points points points points and and and and Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus smart smart smart smart had had had had twenty twenty twenty twenty one one one one for for for for Boston Boston Boston Boston which which which which was was was was seventeen seventeen seventeen seventeen of of of of forty forty forty forty three three three three from from from from three three three three point point point point range range range range Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee one one one one on on on on eleven eleven eleven eleven one one one one run run run run to to to to get get get get within within within within eighty eighty eighty eighty five five five five eighty eighty eighty eighty one one one one with with with with eight eight eight eight forty forty forty forty two two two two left left left left before before before before Boston Boston Boston Boston became became became became the the the the third third third third straight straight straight straight road road road road team team team team to to to to win win win win in in in in the the the the series series series series game game game game seven seven seven seven this this this this Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday afternoon afternoon afternoon afternoon I'm I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

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