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Too them and be the best brett in town well yeah up our group always she won it will pull may route and and if it to keep that made him new gm won its first started that place in up a gauge it's just just the latest yeah well than you probably know the whole story behind how he started great story great restaurant stan go ahead without a doubt rid jake plummer and tomball slice bait didn't make potatoes have you been there ramon that comes up a lot lee taught barbecue games go ahead i get lens overall no yeah them that was a dustin we're to of this that a bridge because just so like it you know go ahead but i'm ivory to acres home i would go with delaying figure it out might no good good opening that's where president eight what would you order to but he's also turkey where this kid no i did get my wife but thank the company flavors made rich get my wife will drive over to good company on the kirby for the whole purpose of mine and a lb of the turkey she loves their kirk i'm not point is if you have barbecue turkeys is there's is good don't get me wrong if you're going to eat turkey but turkeys going to be like fifth on my selection list joe to go yeah that's a team in cuba texas i did not did you know to make i did and and what's your what's your me then what you're side i mean for me their prized go out there really is i love the room but i'm always going to what they're famous harvard hillary ramon what you're you're you're go to me as it ribs are brisk sabres get is not mom i was going to ribs every time frame to go status barbecue and they tails and not where is it over only one forty six forty seven forty eight hundred blah so the forty six south of tune no one one forty six out of it and yes how far before pulling and dangerous no one you know north of your you can give me interest debate one four since then don't want to what is it turned into you know.

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