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A $110,000 a year. This is part of that's part of their endowment, part of what keeps them going in. To provide them with a library? Yeah, okay. Yeah, for library services. Okay. Wow, mayor gene McGee. Has decided to withhold this fund. These funds. Oh. Yeah. He's not going to release it to them. Does he want his library closed? No, he loves the library or presumably he loves the library. I'm guessing he doesn't read a lot. Anyway, he took the idea of he just wants all that gay shit out of there. He just don't like the queer stuff. Oh my God. In the library. And we're not just talking about we're talking about any books that have incidentally gay characters in them just as one any gay in the library. And he's not, he's not the only one. He claims that there are this is a response to lots of community members who are absolutely livid to find in the children's section, Frank, the children's section, books that have that happen to have LGBTQ plus. God. People. Like, a kid could see that, Frank. And then what would happen? And then what? They're all gay. That is what happens. If you see a person smell a gay book, you turn gang. Anyway, yeah. It's literally that. It's literally that stupid. Apparently on a phone call with the library director, he said that the homosexual materials in the library went against his Christian beliefs and he would not release the money as long as the materials were there. He went on to say the library consume conserve whoever we wanted. But he only serves the great lord above. Cool. Yeah, you're awesome. Dude, douche. I'll bet you were sexy in high school. I'll bet the ladies loved you. Mayor McGee. Oh, what a. So that's just that's the state of the government in now, of course there was a big board meeting and a alderman's meeting and stuff. And at that meeting, the legal counsel of the library board was asked if the mayor had the authority to withhold these funds considering there's a contract in place. Bob Sanders, who is the council for the library board, said, no. That was a quote. Literally. The quote was new. I'm just gonna assume that he said it that way. That's his legal opinion. Exactly. No. Sorry. You don't need a lot of subtlety or nuance. Right. When it's that stupid. Anyway,.

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