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Just text the word law for 11 92 3 that law for 11 92 3. One more day of triple digits and then the nineties are here for the rest of the work week. Today expect a high round 101 with winds picking up will drop overnight into the seventies for a low with a high of 92 on Wednesday. I'm ABC 15 Megan Thompson while do you hear that seventies for a low wins? Last time we saw that right at 6 33. It's 82 degrees in Chandler, Theo a our eyes on the economy. 18 cranes can be seen in the skyline of downtown Phoenix. Smear cake, Diego tells Katie are there are businesses flocking here? Offices are being built housing much more looks like the factors that made Phoenix such an attractive city before the pandemic continue to work to our benefit, the US Census says announced Phoenix remains the fastest growing city in the country. Transportation Department is splitting $31.1 million among four Arizona airports. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao says the money will get communities backto work during the pandemic. Sky Harbor will get $21.7 Million for reconstruction of the apron where the airplanes park Prescott and Winslow Lindbergh regional airports are sharing nearly $9 million for taxiway reconstruction. And Ryan Field Airport in Tucson gets the rest for new weather reporting equipment, Peter same or Katie. Our news. The future of the airline industry looks a little bleak, with mass layoffs and furloughs looming, but a valley economists see some light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, the airlines are getting impacted on to end. One is fewer business travelers and the other, you know fewer vacationers. Jim Rounds with rounds Consulting tells her that will eventually turn around, although it might take a couple of years, But things may never look the same postcode just like we saw a difference in the type of house Sing that people demanded after the great recession. Sometimes things are so bad that it changes people's preferences, and this is another one of them. In the meantime, over 30,000 employees of United and American Airlines are bracing to get either furloughed or laid off next month unless the feds come through with more financial help. Jeremy Foster a musical tribute night after night, all summer long from a veteran with a message for many of us the stretch between Memorial Day and Labour Day might be a blur, but not for 77 year old. Shirin Peter Clarke of Bow, New Hampshire. That's.

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