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Now back to straight talk with ross mathews who would have thought that cd would be the best yodeler i know i'm so blown away by that i love a good surprise thinking about that as a next come back to the do the yodeler if this would have been clogged out of take all rich maybe next maybe next episode hey there was a movie that i happen to it's cold under the tuscan sean i talked about it recently because i watch it over i was sick you know dear i was sick and i was on the couch forever and i don't know if you know this but and i think it's because trump is president or something which is why we voted for him is that under the tuscan sun is now there's bill passed it's the one thing congress got done it needs to be played three thousand times a day got pushed through yeah it's a bipartisan already so i watched it before of course but i watched it like three times when i was sick and i was tweeting about it in fact was like what is this move you need to watch it we talked about here on the program and i said you must watch under the token should see fancy did watch it all i know is that he said it is now in his top five favorite movies of all time we have knocked discussed anything about it since and i now give the floor thank you us first of all i love the music so much it this movie first of all diane lane i have never seen a rebel verse while i've never i knew who she was but i've never seen anything ever i just thought she was to be honest kind of bland actress i didn't really care much that's just being honest i just had never seen any so i watch what happened.

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