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A by 10000 tokens only ten thousand different accounts okay good you're going to have no life and you better have like a factory of workers and our views all that abusers with like a how you i mean you're in how to build up from zero reputation you'd have to be right all the time you're in the whole us the community appreciates what you're doing after equality content and you know what if you do that and it's a good review thank you go ahead do it opened a factory over here yeah because it's going to make us money so it's not well it's it's funny i know people when when they start to think about it to get it but you know it's it's like one of those things when you when you first jahrlich yeah i'll game at that doesn't i think a lot of could do projects like puzzles where it's like if you hit listen note really really well inside and out at first or it takes a while for altana connecting the agar's aeronautics liquor slowly putting the pieces together and like like you talked about before where at almost everything is broken down into incentives and that's something that you know maybe people who don't have a background in finance maybe don't realize but it's so true i mean because at the end of the day everybody is acting probably in their own best interests okay and if you incentivize them to do a certain thing that will benefit them they will probably do it and you can follow the money in almost any job and kind of the see the behavior you know that causes um so i really like hodel hunting comes together is this big jigsaw puzzle and just kind of makes sense with all the different synergies that that's the idea it's it's just to create it's it's really i mean if our why summarize it now invite onesentence what it does is it's a it's a co a platform.

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