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Wedding funeral visa messed up on what a wet news y'all is actually when you try oh when is when you shredding week breathe oh throwing it at people okay got it brian this is josh josh over at the officials at the church where you guys are getting married tomorrow good well we definitely helped make you a member here sooner or later because you guys are getting married you know hey man you know trying to get his work schedule saying you know what i'm saying they got me working on sundays now maso donors i tweak that a move at around a little bit i'll be there and you're not you're not a member of the church so you wouldn't know but she's one of the old is a member of the church just passed away and what's going on is you always wedding is tomorrow at twelve o'clock right but the actual funeral is at three o'clock here the church okay wait michelle mcgann brother one josh josh okay look here brother josh hey man we we we already got this thing in motion man we didn't send out there two hundred invitations man i mean the blessed and i and i understand that but i mean you know she would there's no way we could have moved it around now the biggest problem the funeral home is bringing the casket first thing in the morning so what i what i wanted to make you aware of and i don't want you to take your wife but the actual casket will be in the saints are rare but we will have it hold on hold on may you serious hey y'all need to move this round i don't know what child gonna do y'all have a fellowship hall and a bank or something like that we don't ryan the only place we can actually put the can't that we.

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