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Answers in the numbers coming up in just a little bit stuff. All right. Thanks fan. Drive in this morning, and we're having run into any big issues here just for the morning commute right now. It's about five thirty one and, and bound lanes. Here by seventy is sixty five don't look too bad. Also, they look fairly dry. Even though we saw a few showers here, earlier this morning, anticipate, maybe seeing if you like sprinkles for the morning, try for a few select spots right now at the North Slope. It looks quiet for drivers utilizing that to get into round the city this morning. But our map looking fairly good by thirty here. A lot of green around the I four sixty five loop all directions here by sixty nine I seventy and I seventy four on the east side, look, okay, if you're coming in from I seventy near the I four sixty five interchanges should be all right, there, Pendleton pike inbound lanes into Lawrence, and then continuing inbound into downtown should be okay. Likewise along. I sixty nine so really, no big issues there on the east side. I four sixty five near I seventy on the east side. Volumes still light roadways actually look semi dry right now. Really, no big issues for the Thursday morning commute. That's far east. I drive times Pendleton pike from accords Ville, two. I four sixty five about a twelve minute commute. Seventy from greenfield to the north split at a twenty one minute morning commute. And then forty from greenfield to I four sixty five at a twenty two minute warning, Dr at five thirty two. It's time to jump start your morning with daybreak. Top stories in eighteen year old man is dead after he was shot while driving a car during rush hour. The car crashed into a pole at fifty six three and boy scout road and Lawrence. Witnesses told police three people inside the car ran out officers caught up with them and the three are being questioned. The widow of boom, county deputy, Jake picket.

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