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Andre Johnson Michael Irvin they'd all been playing soccer they like the game they don't love the game and around the world they love the game and as I say the men's if the man ours I mean it's all it's like the sun and the moon with the women's program to the men's program the women love what they're doing you can see it and their expression and how they express themselves however you for years they get out on the open stage and they dominate great changes I told you I'm not a patriot fan I'm a fan of greatness women are striving to even get equal pay why should they get equal pay they've carried the damn thing and the torch for U. S. soccer for the last twenty years why shouldn't day you give the guys who do nothing more money more exposure more TV why they shock Jill let's figure it out soccer in the United States will be under the A. F. await the clothes that thing up okay which of the XFL comes out you won't even be on the same world because vents well he will program your doors off and on top of that he will advertise their doors off at the XFL you won't even know that MLS things going when Vince got his football team and his lead going No Way absolutely no way all right I want it a day in a white yet USC this weekend and I want to compare him to somebody we'll do that next right here in SB nation.

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