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Very. Business Mind but that sounds pretty young. It was also difficult because it was there were so few women right in business and you know wherever? I went it was men and you know it it was it was just. Difficult. Not, just because I was young woman but also the industry in China, make the changes and it was doing extremely well but. People saying this is a fad. Give it. Give it two years last and there was a lot of negativity around to they felt threatened by any agenda, your youth as well and. Both of those things but also because I was trying to do right, I was trying to empower women and I think that was that was different to that. You know it sort perhaps challenge there. I'm not. I'm definitely not against men, but certainly, there was some men that felt it challenge. They must feel unity I. Think actually women can be just as threatened as well by successful women's sometimes because. Some of us have raised incredibly traditionally but some people think traditionally. And a life that the twenty seven I think I think sometimes, you know where we can all be guilty of. So falling into quite lazy ways of thinking about what's expected. And sometimes we do it to ourselves I. think that's part of intrigues me about talking to people about working alongside raising a family is the I think is. Is Different to being working for the with the questions you get asked the way you're thinking and the amount of logistics is like suddenly I actually funding enough with my kids I often think of them like like companies sometimes is like golf five different books vas in my head at how each thing is doing and where the priorities are and which areas we're experiencing growth in my. Things going into the negative. It's like all the all this project managing I just never never thought I'd be doing, but but for you and you became a mom did. Did, you find your your business life and the the family life did they. Work, together pretty smoothly. I mean, my my business impersonal tends to blend into one..

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