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In intensive care at a London hospital after his corona virus symptoms worsened today is the Arizona gives day of this year in addition to your favorite charities you can now give to the nonprofit emergency relief fund to help nonprofits struggling through the pandemic Phoenix police will live stream on Facebook the mass for fallen commander Greg Carmichael it's at ten this morning at St Jerome's Catholic Church K. D. A. R. is going to join Phoenix police in honoring the commander with a moment of silence at noon today you're never more than fifteen minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's new station KTAR news sharper points commentary presented by Schwartz laser eye center will Major League Baseball make a post Kerala corona virus crisis come back sooner than later and will they be able to play at least the majority of their scheduled season and most importantly for us here in the valley of the sun will Major League Baseball pull its come back off by having the teams that play here during spring training come back to the valley as well as the rest of the teams in the national American leaks that could it be a yes because it looks like more than just a pipe dream after Diamondbacks president Derrick hall floated the idea on our sister station ninety eight seven FM Arizona's sports station the players union and the owners had serious talks about trying to pull this off could you imagine if baseball considered our national pastime at least at one time came roaring back it would be at least something to distract and entertain us during the corona virus pandemic he would feel good almost as good as having hundreds of millionaires flood the valley well those millionaire ballplayers would be mostly isolated individual team hotels that would mean that those hotels would have a great need for hospitality industry workers among the hardest hit workers part of Arizona's hugely important tourism sector if this is to happen there are a few things to figure out though like do you allow fans in the stadium eventually even if it's six feet apart probably not if you're gonna enjoy popcorn peanuts and cracker jacks you probably need to have that brought to your front door with a no touch delivery and you'll be doing your seventh inning stretch in your family room in front of your TV that.

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