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I don't know i just take note of the fact that noone applauded not very many people applauded three billboards winning last night i i think that it is extremely unfortunate when we live in a time when think worthwhile i don't even mean good or bad i just mean worthy of engaged with the ark become hobby horses for for like a better better point political agendas that i do say political agenda even in this climate sounds procured i don't eat it i mean everything has to some degree of political agenda but what i mean is last year casey affleck was the subject of a lot of um not even rumors during you wendo but there were there was an issue with when he was accused of sexual misconduct and in a different era one year ago it did not cloud the narrative or effect viewers minds or maybe police maybe wasn't put in front of the rate voters find to affect their vote i'm not saying it should have i'm thing it did he won the oscar this year it would have been possibly a very different story because the this is where we are in hollywood and where we are in the world it is not outside of the realm of possibility to consider hey 'backloading or pay back lack of voting for previous injustices that some people see reverse says slow not even the reverse but austin an oscar races um people win awards not for the sing their nominated four but for the accumulation of their resume as his work we're giving a new spin to the idea of you deserve it but also that people maybe people will not vote for gary oldman because of it at a public event and his past because of what happened last year with yep like now couple bigger piece the debate here i haven't seen darkest hour and a bunch of these movies i'm going to remedy that extra weeks i've not wake up barrett that their performances are the specifics of the movies um to the oscars have always been incredibly political the campaigning the voting the you know the everything about it so it is it it would be the height of hypocrisy to pretend that suddenly.

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