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Joe Bond and formally introducing his economic team Right now we get the very latest from ABC News president elect Joe Biden at a briefing today, naming his picks for this economic team that includes former Fed chair Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary. A groundbreaking choice. Yelling would be the first female to fill that post. If confirmed. Biden also says his economic council is focused on economic recovery in this pandemic Transition team is already working on what I'll put forward in the next Congress to address the multiple crises were facing Especially for economic and covert crisis. The transition team has made contact with Dr Anthony Fauci and Deborah Burkes to members of the current White House coronavirus task force. It comes as more coronavirus cases are surging around the country. Hospitalizations and deaths also up President Trump continuing to legally challenge election results in Key states. The latest the Trump reelection campaign filed a petition to the Wisconsin Supreme Court today challenging the outcome of the presidential election that was certified On Monday. I'm Michelle France and ABC News Bipartisan Group of Senators say they've come to an agreement on a $908 billion stimulus package. The group includes rank and file members from both parties. Absent from negotiations, Senate leaders Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Minority leader Chuck Schumer absent Main moderate Republicans. Susan Collins is part of the group, she says passing this agreement is critical as sweet deal with this second way for third wave, but this pandemic It is absolutely essential that we pass emergency relief. Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia says they intend to pass it before the end of the current sessions. Inexcusable for us to leave town. Not have an agreement that we can come together and not sure that we can work the way the Senate in a way that Congress was intended to work in a bipartisan way. Included in this agreement, an additional $300 a week in unemployment benefits. Also, money for state and local governments is still unclear if leadership from either party will get behind this. Or if it just simply will pass the house. It is quite the sight in Somerville House under renovation is on the verge of collapse. Battered by the wind overnight, WBC's James RoHaas on scene. I'm standing in front of a two story house that is leaning yes, literally leaning towards its neighbor to.

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