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You heard of the book? And his connection. Tio Andrew Carnegie. What is it about? These extraordinary men. That make us Look back and and And see how Mindset how we think Has such Power. In what we do in life and joining us today is the editor. Of No hope Napoleon Hill's think and grow rich. James Whitaker. And James. It is such a pleasure. You know, The story of Napoleon Hill is so fascinating and I just love this story. Welcome to the program. Yeah, thank you so much for having me It's an incredible story. And I think in the time that we're in now we're experiencing so much division and so much negativity that it's more important than ever to have these inspiring stories that remind us that we have everything we need to succeed already within us. Absolutely. And you talk about self discipline. You talk about learning from defeat and the golden rule and explained to everybody. What makes Napoleon Hill so amazing in his life if you could just give us a real quick thumbnail sketch. All the polling Hill and Andrew Carnegie's lives were inextricably linked while they were alive and their legacies inextricably linked as well. Napoleon Hill with the young reporter there was tasked with interviewing Andrew Carnegie who arrived in the US with nothing and basically became one of the wealthiest people in the history of the world, but also one of the biggest philanthropists of old Tong. So Andrew Carnegie's money Has created more than 6000 libraries around the world and on a whole host of other things, And the reason Kana G and Hill is so iconic because none of the wealth they were able to accumulate individually or even their philanthropic activities. It was Maura around the gift that they gave people with the ability to help themselves and I have done that through. Obviously, through the books like thinking Guy Rich, which was published in 1937, My book thinking Driving the Legacy continues these lessons that one came out in 28 teams, and I knew one Andrew Carnegie's mental Donna Ma hot off the presses. That one continues his legacy, too. Wonderful, you know. John Napoleon Hill. Tells many stories. He was a storyteller. And what I love about the stories. I said, you know, people go from having nothing. To all of a sudden. Having it all. Absolutely. I mean these these stories and and lessons of through the believe yeah, and perseverance and You know absolutely yeah, Some of the people that we mentioned in this book people like Jessica Cox, who was the world's first armless pilot, she was born without arms and ended up becoming a pilot. I mean, Incredible story. We've got people like Jim Stovall, who at the age of 18 went totally and permanently blind, and he went on to become the author of 30 best selling books. And the founder of the narrative television network. I mean, the examples included within this book proves that whatever success you want to achieve is absolutely possible. You just need the right plan and the ability to put 1 ft in front of the other. I think that I've been saying right along during this pandemic that this is an opportunity for everyone. To reinvent themselves to find a new voice, too. You look at what's really inside you that has been calling you and you put it on Hold. Now is the time to go out and grab it. Oh, that's such a good It's such a good lesson. I think when the pandemic hit earlier in the year, a lot of people were caught on the back foot, and it was easy to sit there and and complain about what they had or what they didn't have. And if we took that exact same amount of energy that we used to complain about our present circumstances, literally the exact same amount of energy and redirect that towards constructively creating the circumstances that we want. We would stand ourselves with how quickly we would get their companies that have been created in the lost seven months. And individuals who have done some amazing things because I have being proactive. They've got on the front foot and I've thought about one of the opportunities that are created out of this situation and what is in the situation, which is one of the best lessons in learning from defeat. One of the women in our neighborhood. Was making the sweet little bows and she kind of semi retired. And then she said, G. You know, you can't find any decent masks around. So she started making masks and one of the girls in the post office. She gave her the mask and G. Where'd you get that Mass? Cheryl and you know Well, Theresa mated, and that's how it kind of grew and grew and grew. I'm not kidding. It is true. It's a great little story. Yeah, in Los Angeles. Where are they Might. My accent is from Australia originally, But in l A where I live. There's a lot of the street vendors who rather than selling fruit. Now they're selling mosques. And I think they're doing pretty well. So being resourceful enough. Because essentially everyone's worried about job security at the moment, But if you are very clear on audience who you like to help and you're clear on the problems they face and the urgent problems, then all you need to do is get good at creating solutions that solved their most urgent problems, and then you never need to worry about an employer ever again. No, Never. I thinkit's a great time to be an entrepreneur. It's a great time to go out and grab what it is that you want And when you're thinking about how am I going to do it? This is exactly where James Whitaker comes in. Because your your take on the masters of Carnegie and Napoleon are as brilliant and you can pick Pick up any of the books. Your Your new book is out. And, of course, if you want the real story of Napoleon Hill thinking, grow rich, the legacy that's wonderful. That's a wonderful book. I loved that book. By the way, James But.

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