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Fred Flintstone. Alright, Barney Arms through working at that gravel pit. Oh, you said it, Fred. I'm right behind you. The business Mondays at 1 30 Right here on KCRW. Each other. With my my son. My only see Jamie Mm hmm. When my Mommy, I knew. Oh, I only see My only Oh, Beside me is their battles that means ever. Is that news? Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Just Yeah. Oh, come on, you know Jose The sign is ever good. I'll go. So so loving. Yeah. Yeah. I Soon. Give him this time giving bundle. The corner. Secret. Moving. Yes, sir. Gloria. Yes. Well, I guess Oh, good. You're worth coverage. You can be sure Mother rubber. Bullshit. So let me To her policy in America. Oh,.

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