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Today in provide county about one hundred fifty volunteers are placing flags at Cape Canaveral national cemetery. There are about five thousand US servicemen and women buried their governor onto Santa's delivering Mark says he receives an honorary fellowship from Ariel university in Israel today. The governor says after a storm meeting of the Florida cabinet at the US embassy in Jerusalem this week, he'll sign one of the strongest anti semitism bills that has passed in modern times. We're going to be very seriously. Serious about rooting out anti semitism, from any of our educational institutions. You can write that down in veteran bottom dollar on that. The trade mission should prove to be a boon for Florida's economy filling up the tank is getting cheaper across Florida. Aaa says the statewide average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has dropped four cents last week at two dollars and sixty cents the prices down twelve cents in the last month, and thirty one cents compared to this time last year nationally drivers are paying an average of two eighty three per gallon, many residents and visitors are taking advantage of the freedom one at such a high cost to enjoy a day at the beach for those not that familiar with being at the ocean. And even for those who going regularly for those not that familiar with being in the ocean. And even for those who go in regularly. Always swim in front of or near a man lifeguard tower. If you do get in trouble in the water. Find yourself caught in a rip current the, the best thing to do is not can't. The recurrent, not gonna pull you under. It's just gonna pull you out. So don't panic. Captain Tammy Mao. I with Volusia county beat safety says swim parallel to the shore until the current relaxes or float and call for help and help will be there before you know it. With Florida's news, I'm Bill Robins. This is a Bloomberg market minute. Pika chew detective Pika chew is turning out to have a lot of combat power literally every continent knows you know, came on, on par with Star Wars, really the peak achieve film, could end up being the highest grossing game based movie, ever Nintendo. Poke him on biggest shareholders and you did not Comoro reporter for Bloomberg news says Nintendo wants to leverage the love for Pichu and other Pokemon creatures. That it can do the same as Walt Disney and go up there and sell products using its characters, and detected Pika CHU is a big step in intendo Zev, Aleutian, as it pushes to sell its switch consul, especially in China, the world's biggest gaming market, Chinese gamers, didn't grow up with Nintendo consoles. So they don't know camario. They don't know. Donkey kong. They don't know Zelda, but they do know poke him Nintendo's us a planning a Super, Mario movie. A Mario Kart tour game. And Nintendo theme parks, Denise pelligrini Bloomberg radio. TD IT makes today's secure and tomorrow smarter. Explore the art of the possible at GD IT dot com. Eighty six burglars were asked, how they broke into homes, and they all said they knocked on the door. I that's why you need blink x t to cameras they detect motion, so you get an alert and you can see and talk to who's there..

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