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Parents last year. So thanks for coming back. My pleasure, Nate, always a pleasure to talk to you. And make sure I got this. Right. You're still general manager expansion. All right. Joel manager of a team that added a third car for twenty nine hundred Jerry with Matt tift? And in addition to that when I talked to you last year, we were at your shop in states Ville. And now you've kept that shop for the moment. And you also have added this shop in mooresville, which was formerly Chip Ganassi racing. Many many years ago h Scott motorsports also was in here and now front row. So take me through with the process has been like adding that third car and adding a new location as well. I think since since we last spoke front row motorsports as gone in and bought another race team. That was in bankruptcy operated that team to the bounce a- last year, basically shut down that team moved some of the folks, and and certainly some equipment over into our front row race team rented another shop expanded into that third car to utilize that new charter hired a lot of people to help with getting the the inventory built up and to go take the cards to the racetrack. And to take care of the business side. Of the third team. And so there it's been a whirlwind for sure we've we've had an awful lot going on since about mid August. And as we talked about last time, I'm I'm really big into cycling. And I think I've ridden my bike twice since September one last year. So so big into cycling. There's actually stationary bike. Hearing Jerry's office machines about that's about the only way. Get on it anymore. So I had to drag it up here. But but yeah, we've had a lot going on. And we haven't started the season. I think in finishes being what we'd want. But there's been a lot of speed in the race cars and really been encouraged that even with all the expansion and moving and set up shop mad and people and all that that you know, I I feel like we've still got a pretty competitive product out there. How many people did you guys end up adding Jerry with the new car again being that tift, and I would presume it's not just a road Kurna crew chief, but it's the support people here at the shop and chassis suspension body all that stuff. It sure is you know, we went from around. I think it was sixty five people, and we're we're up to like ninety three ninety two something like that. So, you know, in the challenge in all that is you know, you really look for some economies of scale of ad net. Thirteen minutes reason, you do it in a lot of respects but race now two different shops. It's kinda hard to have that Konami sometimes and that one guy that can do a couple of things. Well, he's over in our. Other shopping states Ville and and into backup a little bit. Our shopping states, Phil we're still doing all of our fabrication work. We just expanded our fabrication capabilities in states Ville, and and then the assembly set up road crew business offices here in mooresville. So we're operate now to shops right now, which isn't perfect. But you know, we're making it work, and you know, it's kind of hard. Sometimes you got obviously to light bills and trash services and everything. So it's not as a fishing as it could be if we're all in one space, but but we're making it work and just trying to keep keep the two two shops engaged communication, obviously is a is a huge component of of any successful business. And so I've tried to work real hard to keep that communication open. And keep the fellas and Seitz villes engaged with what's going on in mooresville and vice versa..

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