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Sheriff from north carolina could ask a judge as soon as monday to release the body camera footage of his deputies fatally shooting a black man last week. Pascua tank county sheriff. Tommy wooten said he. Would i check with the state bureau of investigations to make sure that releasing the video would not compromise their probe of the shooting forty two year old. Andrew brown junior was fatally shot last week by deputies serving warrants in elizabeth city north carolina. Nearly a week after the shooting there are still few details about what actually happened but witness accounts and scanner audio indicate. That brown was shot in the back. While fleeing in a vehicle brown's death comes amid a wave of high profile. Fatal police shootings a black virginia. Man is in intensive care after a sheriff's deputy their shot him ten times outside his home last week. The man named isaiah brown was walking down the street away from his home in spots. Lavinia county virginia and on the phone with a nine one one dispatcher. When the deputy arrived the footage and audio were released late friday. Here's the interaction it's disturbing and you can skip ahead about fifteen seconds if you don't wanna listen. He's got a gun to his head. Draw out door. Thank.

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