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The Shark NATO is the only sci fi film that dares to ask what if killer sharks could fly around in a tornado and the latest and quite possibly final installment of the series the last shark NATO. It's about time one of our favorite drag Queens Alaska thunder fuck death drops for her life in hopes of surviving this tornado of murderous sharks now with the ability to travel through time the film. Has It all sharks more? Sharks Alaska Thunder Fuck and so many celebrity cameos the love boat today Alaska Thunder. Fuck joins US TO TAKE OUT BITE. Out OF THE LAST SHARK. Nato film and talk about playing the daughter of star. Trek's marina searches in the movie. Plus Alaska weighs in on the Whitney Houston Documentary Whitney and what can reality? Tv Stars due to maximize their appearance on any show. I'm fair knows I'm Mark Villian and this is feast of fun. Fun is made possible because of generous support fabulous. People like you. Listen to in-depth interviews with all of the world's top drag Queens Lady. Bunny Coco Peru Peaches Christ and the best gals from drag race and even Rupaul only by becoming a member at least two fun dot com slash. Plus hello my name's yours. What's Alaska does it work that way you gotta you're getting all my fellow? Slithering this is Fausto mark. How are you I think Wait you're slither into I am. I took the quiz on the Harry Potter website. And I was I was a half path of you can believe it. Why not so everybody who wins all stars in the future? We'll get to star in their own shark. Nato movie is how reason I don't know but shirt will know. This is the last certain native movie I got in under the wire. It was so good they make just one more for you. Or maybe I'll get a spin off. Alaska jumps the shark NATO. But I don't I don't want to be on I. I wanted to be on like lifetime. Love those lifetime movies love to see you in one of those findings sharks. What's your what's your character in this. What are you a boy or? Are you a girl or what's going on? I'm a gorgeous woman of Korea. Okay you play a woman. You play Drag Queen. I played. Well then yes I now. I think it's the first time in my career. I've done that with. Everybody acts like a real woman. This yeah why not your gorgeous bad guy sort of. I'm sort of I feel like I'm jumping into the tradition of like See with like scar sort of like the gender variant like kind of villain person and for people who are not familiar with a shark NATO series. It's the premise is a tornado. That spits up sharks so basically everybody's kind of like in a blender and their body parts can get bitten off at random your drag race anymore but this is your your episode or your installments. Ranch is involves time travel. Shark NATO's correct. It sounds like stone with some good strong Alaska. Funder fuck. We'd and came up with the premise of this film. Doug like the writers in the director and the producers like they're like if you can believe that none of us are like none of us are on drugs so that makes it even kinda weird or and scarier. It's definitely this fantasy world. Where like they really just go for anything and anything can help us. And Ian Summer Halder from Beverly Hills nine. Oh Two one stars in the film as the hero. It's I fearing the guy who gives the letter. I the honk the blonde with. Yes I feel terrible. 'cause we just did a bunch of press that comic con and And I and I said his last name but I said zero early because I was nervous in like I'm really bad at names. In general I names a really hard so like last names. It's like forget about it but I called him Ling but no. It's IAN's earring. And who can forget tower raid from American Pie? I know I know she's a star. She really is. And you can really feel you can feel the shark. Nato family is very caring and protective suits over her and they they love her very much so that was nice to be around for people who are not familiar. She had a she. She was definitely a huge star because of the American pie films and then she said a career setback when she accidentally slipped out her boob a that. Yeah and people are like horrified about that. You know that's essentially what happened. I mean hesitantly. All done happens to me all the time. You're not work sorry. My boobs are shutting out some great women. Janet Jackson tear read Timberlake. Hillary hasn't shown or boobs mess with trump. And of course you have soap opera star Vivica Fox yes. I was in around when she was there. Like there. This movie so full of Cameos but the one that I was most struck by an I shared a lot of scenes with her was of course marina serious from Star Trek the next generation and I had all these scenes with her. I had to like look into her. Gorgeous giant is and I completely forgot my lines Did you offer her some chocolate ice cream though I did it? We were so star Struck. It was Jeremy and me. We were over there. We were shooting in Romania and it was like four in the morning with our call times we got in the van. It was pitch dark. There is this woman in the van with ause than we were riding to the thing so we were like okay. Let's make small talk while riding to the side and she was like telling us about where she was from and arm. She was like yes. I'm Greek but I grew up in in England and Jeremy was like jokingly they use like. Oh that's like Deanna. Troi and she was like that's me like it was like dead silent in the car. We were like wait what she was going to be in the film no. We didn't know anything like everything was super secret. Because they want to keep all the everything on lockdown where you are with Marina Certes and your house just like Deanna Troi. Oh my God so that very day do lines. Hurrying do filming. We're talking about be clear here so yeah I mean a lot of things. We don't bump them tracks like we do. We don't click clack but she's very flattered. I I saw on twitter that you dressed up as her character. Deanna TROI FOR COMIC CON. She's bloody brilliant. Her heart heart heart gone so that very day you had to film with her. Yeah pretty much and I was and I was so good up learning my lines like I studied. I'm like I was trying to be really professional. Like when she came up to me and was like yelling at me and I was like I can't like I literally can't remember where I'm supposed to say so. It was like Saturday night live. They had cue cards right off. Camera I WIZZ. Were car worrying on. Bigwig earpiece Nick. Fed you the lines like they feed rupaul. Right Oregon. Bigwig is very out of my comfort zone because I got there and they showed me this little fucking Valerie. Terrorists work and I was like way like I can't. I can't wear that 'cause I brought hair options because I you never know because you wanna look good. It's drag so like drag is a language that not everyone is fluent in. I'm not a petite little woman that can just put on a wig look really fears like they show me this weekend. I was like I don't really think I can do this. And they were like is too late. They've already shot with the stunt double row. No so I was but once I saw and I saw some of the footage I I think it school and it's a character so I'm sorta like Shirley's around changing my image raw mad Max. Fury Road just got nominated are voted by. Australians is the greatest Australian film of the of this century. Wow yeah they're like really really loved food. Llosa the Charlie. Maybe short haired for women's in in your ahead of the curve your prediction of Lesbians. We're GONNA chop arm for a new look was never happened thankfully. How do you feel about that? So marina played your mom. Yes what was that? What's what's up. Mother daughter relationship like it's very tumultuous..

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