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Jamila jamila writes about that in her a sort of a speculative fiction piece <hes> and so it starts from the future in the narrators telling l. ing folks parts of what happened to get free but won't tell oh sorry but one of the tools are one of the things that you know black box had surpassed surpassed in her future was don't embarrass me in front of these white folks. She actually made an acronym. I don't want to mess it up but you know she made an acronym around this the other day i was talking to my mother and my mother keeps selectively reading parts and so she's like don't embarrass me in front of those white book she was like i just i felt thanks so much to now is just like yeah because you know that is built into our culture. It is this idea you know suspect ability politics wanna one so i agree with you. You know in terms of consumer culture in art. <hes> i just wanna make sure at. I don't want us to be pie in the sky the mhm <hes> about it would want us to be pie-in-the-sky but with an understanding of how we got to this point right what the historical underpinning is but also also want us to say fuck that history and really for real leave all of that behind and think about what we want ultimately which is to live without the violence violence of the white gays <hes> violence of the white gays. That's why i loved django unchained because i felt like the the subtext of the movie was the throwing off off the white gays right that that that when he throws off the blanket in the beginning he has this removed it and he moves through the film with this body language that it's a constant running joke like he rides into town on a horse looking beautiful body audie language and everyone's shocked because they're not used to seeing that right and even at the end <hes> when they open the prison door the other ones don't leave leave because they have not been freed in their minds whereas he's figuring out how can i trick you and shoot you and kill you and get out of here 'cause he's so free and he's like. I should not be slave where they're still stuck in an older mindset of leg. This is who we are and also stuck by their same fear that it gave with mentioned right lang. If i even look look like i was looking at the door before i got whipped okay <hes> <hes> <hes> shade as resistance. Yes berg through toby about that. That is <hes> that's part of a sense of self you know it's part of a a light touch which is part of you know showing who you are <hes> and it again. I mean there's cleverness. I think there's almost like a tricks. Tourism shade shade right because you are existing again in a room and you are not necessarily announcing it but your air lets. It's people know that you're firmly within your your space in your two feet in that they shouldn't fuck with you and so i think shade is you know and a lot of people sort of play at shea like they make an a comedy but some of the best resistance i've ever seen is is in shade so if you say a. what was that we were we were at a <hes> a book event and somebody mentioned that a presidential candidate had been brought to you know his store and i won't name the person and we were like oh how was it and he was like that's all he said. <hes> and everybody knew everybody knew exactly then. He said i said they visited. I didn't say i brought her or him. Ah immer her her yeah them. A person. Uh-huh talking about cuba's shade is resistant kamla. How not talking about anybody the <hes> where where in this is prison abolition police abolition or at least significant reform. I feel like we're not really going to be begin..

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