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On this week's Adam Schefter podcast. We will look back at a shocking week in the NFL in which the Kansas City Chiefs twenty three year old Pro Bowl running back bream hunt after shocking video was released on Friday from TMZ that showed hunt kicking shoving and pushing a woman we will have on the chiefs offensive Eric the enemy talk about where the chiefs go from here. What answers he expects to find in his backfield? And then on Sunday the Green Bay Packers for the first time in franchise history Vira coach in season and not just any coach. But a coach that helped them win the Super Bowl. We will also be joined like Charles Woodson won a Super Bowl Ingram bay plane from Mike McCarthy as Woodson what's back on what type of coach McCarthy was and what went wrong during his time in Green Bay, and we'll be joined by the ears. ESPN NFL researcher. Evan Kaplan who previews week fourteen big week in the NFL. But first we start with the offense coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs in offense that's been nearly unstoppable. This season. A man that has helped lead it along chiefs offensive coordinator, Eric b enemy Eric, Adam. How you doing time? No speak. I know our relationship spans back twenty eight years by my count goes back, a long ways, I remember you on your the rushing machine, Eric, and you know, what I don't know people that you were a great college running back, a great college running back appreciate that. But that was many years ago in many pounds ago too. Are you telling me, you you still can go out there and get us a hundred on Sunday. I got to carries to carries one may go for four plus and the other one I might just say taking the. So what what was it like the whole weekend the whole weekend going through everything that happened leaning into Sunday having to play game like that? What was that whole experience viewer? Ick. You know, what we've we've prided ourselves here as an organization coterie president Mark Donovan, I mean, a whole entire organization is just making sure that we eliminate distractions and keep moving forward guys. I thought I played outstanding job, but just stay focused on the game plan. Stan focus on what we needed to accomplish. And that was just to come away with a victory of we needed to get done in Oakland. And what did you think of the way Spencer where Damian Williams performed against the raiders on Sunday? And the way you'll need them to perform going forward into the future. One thing. I thought about both those guys obviously being with Spencer. We knew Spence rise to the occasion. But just no one knows to with the attitude and the determine mindset that they both play with. I thought they did a heck of a job. Now, they're both tell you. Hey, you know, what we may have left a player to out there. One thing. I always look at is. What are those? What are those guys doing wanna ball? Is not in their hands about the two of them in a great job of picking up some blitzes. And then on top of that just a second effort runs in the second effort plays that they made, you know, proud of them and understanding, hey, you know, what this is their role next man up mentality. We keep it moving forward. What is the biggest area, Eric where you've been impressed with Patrick Mahomes? You know, what one thing I, and I've I've said this since day one first of all his his his ability to recall everything I mean, his vision, he sees it. He can tell you exactly what took place on whatever particular play you ask him about. He can tell you exactly what coverage if he made a mistake. He can tell you. Hey, I probably should've went here because the safety was there. And this guy was playing this type of ethnic his recall is unbelievable. But also to just his competitive spirit. I mean, he's a fun loving kid that loves the compete and on top of that shift. It's one of those deals that hey, you know, what if he can go play in the parking lot every day, and and for for I don't just to say, hey, for bragging rights, he would love to go out there and do that here. So somebody in your organization describe it to me this morning..

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