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And then a wreck reported on thirty five northbound near Cesar Chavez. Also collision reported on toll went thirty southbound blue bluff road. I'm Melinda Bryant with us on time, traffic, breezy. Warm and humid tonight out cloudy, a little drizzle tour daybreak lows seventy four breezy, very warm, and humid tomorrow, cloudy to start them. Partly sunny, high ninety two thirty cloudy tomorrow night, warm band team, but low just. Seventy-five they'd be drizzle early Friday. Then partly sunny, breezy wore bent. He behind from the weather center abortion. We got mostly cloudy skies. Ninety degrees on the Motormeile now. Get awesome news on demand at newsradiokkob, be dot com. Newsradio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM presents the Jeff Ward, Ed Clinton show. Hour number two of our little show. I know the calls will say I know the reaction. But either way, it's a fairly fascinating calculus on politics. This is another reaction. Immediately elections expert at the university of Florida. Michael mcdonald? I guess also the Doobie brothers. Okay, now for the twenty twenty president election could be as high as sixty seven percent. That would be the highest since nineteen sixteen. Wow. What's the crazy number? It's nightmare. We know for certain it's going to happen. No. We don't..

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