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I had. What I wanted to do. I want to pull up like I thought like, you know, you'll get paid like the day before camp he'll pull it to cat. Just is in a show up in that like convertible all white and white interior with a steer horns Cadillac DeVille that long once with with the outfit, but I was like two days in a camp by the time. I I like six seven weeks before there's this place in Nashville coach, Richard. I I looked at him. Like, I need an all white suit three piece made me look like this guy. And I didn't go old school bus hog. I went Reynolds and Reynolds. Probably the best decision I've ever met you still rock that suit. I gotta hanging up free to bust it back out because the first game be played in the NFL. I got knocked out. Frog thing. It'd be my word. Hey, the thought of him talking to himself at his first Pro Bowl like in the bathroom. You know, he wakes up first morning. The bravo. I gotta go to a meeting looks at Amir. I'll tell you what they are. You're about to be fucking rich. Exactly how it went. All right. I think we I think we've been at boys I thought. They're gonna call type during the cold damore didn't figure out. That's not how I sitting there for three months. Like, okay. Do they they want me? Cooman? Next question's from guy from Boston. These diehard Brady fan name's Connor Taylor. How are ya? I am a die-hard Brady fan as a guy from Michigan. Do you think they gotta get rid of harbach is every year seems they're close, but they're never actually close the national championship. I literally the last time I was in Michigan was for coats like I haven't even against. Powerballs read. I I know nothing about the guy bandwagon this year. And I do training the right direction. I think that shape passing. He's we were we were doing awesome all year. And then we played Rutgers. And we played like, Indiana and things that go. Well. Ohio say, I was house. The I mean, obviously, I was betting the maximum two hundred fifty dollars. You can't with the NFL based the rules. Of course with anybody that was willing to take it, of course. I ended up losing to fifty dollars pissed. So you think you should be fired two hundred fifty dollars. I think little patiently he's making what three four years now. Of course, of course, a year two years, and then you'll figure it out. I mean like, you have consistency. A quarterback you have the defense place. Good all year, not just ten games. And then the receiving any there was some balls..

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