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But that becomes a part of like the cell for why these why? Like my friends go excited about game of thrones is like, Hey, we're going to play this big box. It's GonNa be fiddly and it's going to be crunchy and mean, and that was because it lends itself. So well to the theme, it's the perfect thing to bring into like a group like that. It's not anymore because I'm not allowed to have that opinion. Well. I I to have really helped navigate the segment I. Thank you so much for for. Introducing yourselves a little bit more. After the worke. This year I certainly think you deserve a little more a little more TLC. But Ten ten care in this case coating two names on cameras. In front. Of A thousand, four, hundred people. Yeah. Few Games not because they effortlessly into this conversation but because we tease them at the top of the podcast and because we've got slides for them. Tom And I filmed something special for this I'm if you're listening to this podcast, you may be surprised to see that all youtube channel right now. I. Think a total of thirty preview videos of. Up and coming games on new games. That were filmed by and myself because publishes couldn't Demo Games in person to people as they wouldn't a normal year. So understood visit on Youtube Channel Right. Now you can see in these roundup videos, Golic cooperative roundup video of family game round up your engine building round up. And you can see. Just, teach a whole bunch of games, but before this podcast to Tom said that. One of those games is the double o seven deck builder James Bond Delta published by upper deck. That was sent to Tom and Tom you said, you wanted to chat about it for like. I have to tell you about double o seven James Bond Deck building. So excitable again. So we're going to get through the basics real quick basically a deck building you and a collection of other players are going to try and the schemes the villain from one of four bond me these Goldfinger gold. And the man with the Golden Gun and another one. was. The new one with. broads man with..

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