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Good i'll be right back to not brother thank you know tell calvin murphy i'm coming to you know how much i love my brothers thanks a lot bye mad the great all right buddy the great clyde drexler right here with steven a on espn radio nf eight say espn it's inundate seven to nine three seven seven six get the feeling of being rewarded with gold status at shell with the fuel rewards program download the fuel rewards app join us start saving five cents a gallon today that was the great clyde the glide drexler he was great there is no doubt about that is just that that there are levels to greatness and michael jordan it was on a different level and unfortunately it was around the same time they clyde drexler was bald this is what we're talking about here that was one of the things that we're talking about and i'm happy that is cuban i'm going to do their thing with the big three the big three tournament it's something i think the nba should be very very helpful with it doesn't compromise the nba in any way a matter of fact it's a very competitive basketball league and because it's a competitive basketball league but his three on three play involving retired players it's no threat to the nba it's all a plus it's not a minus so long as the players take it seriously enough to promote the sport not just play the three on three but to actually promote the sport that's what we can't ignore the end the players for the big three gotta look out for ice cube gotta look out for clyde drexler and everybody else am assistant promoting the sport that's showing up to play that's being willing to promote and do everything.

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