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The Democrats love Jack Callahan fox news president trump with his second campaign rally in as many nights this time in Colorado springs where he mocked the Democrats and their debate performance this week I lighting in exchange between good at judging Amy Colbert chart house so the slightly derogatory and she said are you accusing me of being dumb what would make is that because that's really what he was doing but he was the one that no no these the campaign in my book president also said the Mike Bloomberg didn't do well after his debate performance was widely panned there's a report that Bloomberg is now plotting for a brokered convention political reporting that Michael Bloomberg is trying to convince Democratic Party officials currently aligned with Joe Biden and other moderates to instead a line with him the goal being that in a brokered convention party insiders would deliver the nomination to Bloomberg over Sanders fox's trace Gallagher shortly after his long time friend Roger stone was sentenced to more than three years in prison on Thursday for lying to Congress the president told a gathering of police officers in Las Vegas I'd love to see Roger exonerated what the president says he'll let the process play out stills attorneys are asking for a new trial charging juror misconduct Tennessee has executed a killer in its electric chair Nicholas sudden thank family and friends who he said tried very hard to save his life you've been convicted of stabbing a child molester to death in prison while serving life for three other killings including that of his own grandmother Jackson Mississippi a fight breaks out between two workers at a fast food restaurant leaves one of them's stabbed to death the other in jail America is listening to fox news.

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