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Named Kane inside unharmed Kane and his owner are now happily back together it's two twenty five the weather together every ten minutes on the five lose hours of twelve still have their single or working in the new hall pass in the five north after the truck of fourteen truck lanes all of the main lanes are open the truck lanes are closed the end of this is for a big rig this that down on the truck lanes after the fourteen of was fully engulfed in flames and it's a hazmat situation as well so Caltrans is going to be working there I would imagine until the four o'clock hour and then in west Covina that crash has been cleared on the Tenney status so we're car rear ended a big rig that's been cleared so let's just get that off of the chalkboard there then to tell you what's going on as far as a slowing what's a slowing on the eastbound side this morning the three right lanes are closed leaving only the left lane between existing grand and all the on and off ramps between is is and holds are closed as well hop over the K. real ten west three left lanes are closed from citrus back down to pointing down your Belinda clearing a crash there let's take a peek at that lanes are still closed they it here's what's going on there the ninety one west at coal canyon the right lane is blocked for three vehicle crash everything's been shoved over there then that further up the road just a few yards actually this is on the ninety one west before the two forty one to pick up trucks on the fast track lanes so just be aware of that keep your head on a swivel after a year leaving the Green River Road area on the westbound side of the ninety one next reports coming up at two thirty five I'm least hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio give me a gorgeous day later on in the overnight lows in the forties and fifties and there is a wind advisory in effect through Wednesday by Sunday.

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