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You don't have to beat which you gotta care how they beat them uh what's the difference rare laws those not there and they're finding a way what's been a difference i'll be honest with you upmarkto got back to playing good defense you know the credit luke in the staff brian tv do who runs the defense has done a great job i think luke has found some great combinations any stuck with them credit the him 'cause a lot of people getting grief when when he doesn't play the favorite player so gotta give him credit for run with it and i'll be honest with you guys i mean the obvious you know clarkson and randall playing that way but i'm telling you guys in the guy like alex crew so who knows how to play the plank art position sean already taught you guys talk to him about his leadership style he plays the right way he pushed the pace he doesn't uh he he doesn't play outside of his box he he's been team and the guys played over thirty minutes both games i mean larry nance and randall historically guys they haven't been great together they've been awesome together these last two games so you find these formulas and and by the way lopez hit some threes who is this back claimed some good offense so you put all thoughts that's together guys you're going to be able to win some games at home christmas or if you wanna call him best spectrum sports net joining us here on marcellus and foreign them things we feel good now right laker fans you're feeling good you've won six out of eight all right good feel good enjoy it now what's next you've got tomorrow night against the celtics and then you go out on the road for five straight road games and the news coming out of liquorland today is there's no certainty that lonzo ball believe in play during this fivegame road stretch may as all the feel good moments that we're having going to come to an abrupt end here well you guys.

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