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Nine seventeen to go in the first period XL energy center. Saint Paul Minnesota ATMs have a one nothing lead over the wild courtesy of Marc Barbaro his first point of the season from Cam f and his first point of the season. And as the goal Barbaro from Kamina at five fifty four of the first period face off to the left of Devon do Nick in the wild end selling sent a has been very good in the face off circle for the ads lately. And he wins this one north of seventy percent for Alexander Kirkwood. His last five games down to win. It is Don Wilson's knocked out of the play by that dumb. And on the get back in the near corner. Armed from suitor came up and forget oh comes out of the pilot throws in in front and the passes blocked. I'm African Wilson for Kerpen winds fires the cage. In the foreign side pinching now is Gerard and curve. It is over to help him out. He throws it into space on his nearside. Eric Johnson spins away from danger your science circle. Now centering pass for foot thought about shooting it and the pass was intended for spent Andrew ghetto it's blocked by the wild. And Ryan Suter will get to it and play it into the ads bench. The thing. Shop will remain in the wild zone. There is no delay of game penalty because technically is still in the rink benches are considered the rink. Stands are not eight thirty four to go in the first period shots four three ads. They also have a one nothing lead over Minnesota. The premier goaltenders in the NHL. Lanier tonight. Probably best. Same percentage and second best shorthanded. Nickens jordan. Drawn on the wild. John one time we're going to point out the backboards one by Minka, Renton, Jared sports, Renton and just one hands at the park corner. We'll one defender in to get the puck back to the point where Tyson Barrie penalty coming up in the wild. As Koivu will touch up and the ads are bound to go back on the power play. Down to the ice. Once again, Garrett rank. Minnesota number twenty five minutes. Okay. So it's Jonas protein. Two minutes for hooking eight nineteen to go in the first period in the is going back on the power play. Brought to you by Brandon companies Avs are over one. Like we said air power play two or three on last night. Play goal in nine games. Most in the NHL scored a powerplay goal and every single road game this season. Guy will take the job or the ass. Stuck in between the linesman's legs and Lantis going after being knocked down to the ice gets back up to the point advertising. Barry making his way in your site. Now for me renting it goes past him get over his tick. Now has it back to the point where the ads making his way along the blue line now from Franson in your sight circle. Mary Alpher Nathan MacKinnon working his way along the far side wall. Now gave Lennon's behind the net Mika ranted small box set up by Minnesota to the point Tyson Barrie Wanda shoot through traffic passes it for meeker Renton. And instead the pass again bounces over stick handle it twice. Now. The Minnesota wild get to it, and they'll clear pass the right glove Tyson berry Keller's off now second kill unit on for Minnesota. I power play unit stays out there for the apps Tyson some berries stickhandling center, drops it back for Nathan MacKinnon ramping up with some speed across a red line. Now gave landed Scott on the far side wall. Backhands it back retypes very upset at set up in the wild zone at four. In the power play coincident circle point for Tyson. Barry MacKinnon available. He gets the past. Now that reburied centerpoint now nearside circle back for Tyson Barrie handcuffed again that white handed shot if he was a left he might have been easier. Mckinnon has now is brought size pass Renton and his block the burial. Keep it download now forgave landed. Scott switches places when Nico ranch in Atlanta. Scott win the near corner dispossessed by Jared. Spurgeon scoop it up and down the ice thirty three seconds to go in the power play for the ads some minor on Jonas protein. Both teams would make changes. Sam Dharar manpower Alexander Kirkwood has some space curve what? All was right there. He couldn't handle after the pass was tipped and a while. We'll get to it. I know we're at the length of the ice. Well of seconds to go in the power play last chance saloon on the man advantage here for the Gerard to the red line for Eric Johnson. Our plan to expire Johnson Alpher. Well, sending hellfire rebound is loose in front of the net to didn't know where it was and of the boxes bro team. But it snuffed out by Tam. Garard Gerard hurt the footsteps of protein and got there in the Nick of time. Pass into the zone touched up by leaves? It Earl Soderbergh grows it on that kept in at the point by Eric Johnson. But only momentarily has the backhanded to his partner because the puck came out the center now Eric Johnson forty that gallery. He loses it in escapes mixed up by Charlie Coyle. No Tango behind his own. That was by forty six to go in the first one thing apps over the wild Johnson five to three two on the power play though is this was going to be icing against Colorado. It's way of Dauphin back to get it. Is minnesota. Penalty. Great pattern lost putting behind the net. Referee Garrett rank was literally standing right there. I would say a foot and a half away. We're looking for specifics. Mattering? Just tripped up his skates have happened vices slippery. Here comes Minnesota out the center Sukkur, he's got some time and space. Getting back though is gave Reina's Goggin his shot is not a threat to Semyon Varlamov Italian wide. But the wild get it back. You don't need a writer. He's not gonna be ice again fans. Wanna call good defending by a rhino Scott pass off the wall on the nearside taken by go ranting and has it taken away by protein and working behind his own effort, Jared Spurgeon, and he'll clear it out the center chomped by Eric Johnson. Thanks, very will do the same with the wild back neater wire in the neutral zone. Dean has announced his own blue line four forty to go in the first one of the Colorado over Minnesota Arcus. Felina will backhand it down. Deep chased down by JT. Now back to bar in front of Eric bear. Now, they went as God retrieves in the far corner. Looking for an option to get it out of his own annual skate at the center now for Tyson Barrie? It's the red line. You'll it down deep optic optic and pass the stick of venturing downbeat. His gabriel. Born making way by seal abs-, keep it in. But only momentarily once Mars Eric bear has at the red line is passed it escape. Now the ads have it back in the neutral zone control while the get it back into the nearside corner. Derartu boys. Check gets it up ice work centering passes off again and trying to play a pack for San Gerardo. Now, we have some shenanigans going on behind the play will figure out what that is. When we come back. Three fifty six to go in the first period. Ams have a one nothing lead over the wild on the altitude radio network. Kevin Arlin hair for Monday night football on Westwood One. Hall of Famer James often will join me in buffalo for the call of the AFC east up as the bills take on patriots Tom Brady and the pants bounce back from their slow start to win four in a row..

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