Solar Panels, Carbon Footprint, Quebec City discussed on Monocle 24: The Monocle Daily - Edition 1511


This sharpen edmonson that will open on thursday it'll be the first show that silence has opened that has incorporated solar panels onto its roof and interest parking lot the company has for a long time said that he wants to reduce its carbon footprint about costal at one point five million canadian dollars i believe to install that into this new complex in edmonson on they are looking to roading that's out i think first in a location in quebec city and then possibly looking at further ones too so you know that these are really quite bold statements i think both in terms of a company doing very well but also may be tried sort of bend the rules of it a little bit and sort of showed that actually know bricks and mortar is very much alive while can actually sort of start change in the game in terms of how say environmental concerns can actually play rather well into sort of profits on business considerations too in just finally in very briefly we reported at the top of the show that kenya's government is about to get a extremely severe with people who possess plastic bags toronto is about to do something similar with drinking straw's though i suspect jail sentences would be seen as an overreaction uh the suspect you're right tom landry but yes this is sort of a this is no torontoborn campaign but he's a campaign that's been taking roots here of the past few weeks or say several bars are joining sort of international campaign if you like inbounding drinking straws in the drinks that they serve the this sort of lease sort of coalition if you like us of activists came to be in about two thousand and fifteen am after a video managed online of a turtle being rescued from having a at straw that it had got stuck on and is a pretty uh pretty yet.

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