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So on the resource piece three to five percent real growth is a huge dollar figure over a period of years, and we did not take position on where that money should come from. But stepping out of your role as the co chair of this thing, where's that money going to come from? Well, we do address some of the issues that that are raised by the resource question. I if you look at the long-term budget projections of the Congressional Budget Office, the CPO it's very clear. What's driving, the long term deficits, and that is the entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and social security that makes up the bulk of defense is, you know, part of the so-called discretionary budget that the congress gets to to play with. And it's only about twenty five percent of that budget yet it's been bearing under the BCA fifty percent of the of the cuts. Clearly, I think where this money has to come from is some combination of reform of entitlements and revenue and speaking personally, I I'm willing to bear higher tax burden in order to make sure that we can defend the United States. I think it's the first obliga- tion of the that the constitution imposes on the congress, which is to provide for the common. Fence which is part of our title and at the end of the day, and it's part of their sponsor -bility of Lear's the country, both the president and the congress to make the case to the American people. Why that's important. That's important. Exactly. And we talked about that. You know, we spend some time talking about technology, and the fact that the rest of the world has caught up particularly with regard to technologies and they're important to the military. And there's a very interesting line in our report that recommends an quote here pursuing selective economic disintegration with rivals to avoid dangerous dependencies does that mean, what does that look like so one of the things that you know, has become clear in which we delved into as part of our deliberations was the degree to which the supply chain for the major defense contractors who provide the weaponry and the equipment for our soul. Sailors, airmen and marines, the men and women of all of our military services have dependency on in particular on things made in China. This is a consequence of globalization. And this is not anybody's fault. This is just a consequence of how the world commun- world economy works the law of comparative advantage and labor rates and comparative labor rates what have you, but we need to make sure we have to as a country..

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