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You are the what, you're the head of Sight & Sound theaters. What is your official title? I'm the director of marketing communications. You're the head of marketing and communications close enough. You're the grandchild of the folks who founded site in sand. Now, people who are just tuning in who don't know what this is. Give us the synopsis of what is Sight & Sound. Sure. So Sight & Sound is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and we are coming up on celebrating in just a couple of years, 50 years of what we call bringing the Bible to life on stage. So we have two theaters, one in Lancaster, when in Branson, Missouri, they are large theaters, and we are known for bringing Bible stories to life. And when you say they're large theaters, that's the classic Christian understatement like the humble Christian. They're large theaters. They're huge. They're gigantic. They are really huge. They are. And let's be honest. Yeah, they're 2000s. Gigantic. 2000 seats, we have a 300 foot wraparound stage so these stories, you know, we want to do these stories justice. So they come to life. The audience is really in the middle of the story that's happening. Okay, so the big news is for the first time ever, you guys are coming out with a movie. Yes. Okay. And that's a Christmas movie called I heard the bells. It is. And we are so beyond excited about it, and we can't believe it's finally here. Now, before we talk about that, which is the big news, the headline, I heard the bells, the film. You are also airing on TBN Joseph. We are. Now, and when is that airing? The 25th of November. Coming up here. It's coming up every day. November 25th on TBN at 8 and 10 p.m. Eastern Time, TBN is airing Joseph. So before we get into, I heard the bells this big Christmas movie. Tell us a little bit about Joseph because obviously this is in a few days. Yeah. So Joseph hasn't been live on one of our stages for quite some time, but it is one of my favorite shows that we produce. And one of my favorite stories. If you're familiar with the story, you know what happens. But watching Joseph B kind of torn apart from his family, the life that he leads and then the power of forgiveness and reuniting with his family for giving his brothers seeing his father again. It is just an incredibly moving story and one of my most favorites. So we're super excited to be partnering with TBN again.

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