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And you have two choices. There are two books and available to you all have to do is call in and say, I would like David McKnight's power of zero. That's about taxes. How do we get to zero tax? That's a worthy goal. I'm not sure, but he could get there. But it's really an interesting book. It'll give you an insight into taxes. David McKnight's power of zero or if you'd prefer David Box Smart women finish Rich, and that's a great book. David Bach 11 Time. New York Times bestselling author. So those are the two books David Big Nights Power zero. David Bach. Smart Women You won't want I have to do is call and say, I would like this book or that book. There you go. Simple 7 to 0931 65 60, and it's really about educating yourself to a degree. When you get those kind of books and then mad certainly knows both David of Knight and David Box so you can always run some questions you have by him as well. But if you'd like a copy of the book The paradigm groups giving it to you for nothing for free. Listen to the show. Forgive. We also have a free lunch. That's for the lunch and learns that, you know, but it's still free call or get a book and get a lunch. Okay, you guess? Well, you could call for the book and then go to the website PG retirement dot com and sign up for the lunch and get a good idea. Good idea the number again, 7 to 0931 65 60. So we're talking about some steps that you should consider before the end of the year in your financial planning. We started with make your financial health a priority. A lot of us go. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go on a diet. I need to lose £20. That's my goal. And usually, by the time you get to the end of January, that goal is already blown and you're not paying attention anymore. Well, the financial world It's really important that you have a plan. You need a plan, but a lot of us don't have a plan. We have the tools. We don't have a plan. So the idea is either reassess your plan because things are changing all the time. We certainly expect taxes to go up. So you need to reassess your plan, especially in the tax world, but start a plan. If you don't have a plan, that's step one and the number two is understand the risk. That's related to your risk it return. Are you taking way too much risk for a little bit of return or you're not taking enough risks? And so you're getting no return. And if you only need 3% of return, why you shooting for 10%, right? Your numbers are out of whack. Matt can help you with all of that. And certainly the luncheon learn. If you would like that to be your topic. You certainly can. You just fill out the survey Put.

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