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As David says he will say well the Dave Ramsey show there's a few people not work harder than Dave Ramsey I'm not mad at Beyonce say and I suspect mostly I would rather look at her on the screen and me a set one on smart talk if you lacks wisdom what a mascot who gives generously to all without reproach and it will be given to him Helen Keller said a bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn and that's where some of your right now for sure and understand where they're with you going bridge out bridge out so turn turn detour detour now there's a new way to go so I got a good tweet at the break Chris from my listener thank you helping us out and he makes a really good point Phil the guy that has the empty home needs to make sure he does not have a traditional homeowner's policy because a homeowner's policy is invalid if you are not occupying the home in so if you have a vacant home you can get a vacant home policy if it is a rental it's called a fire in E. C. fire and extended coverage but when I used to do rehabs we would buy a vacant home policies and there there are fairly inexpensive it'll cost him a lot less than this issue in the traditional homeowners does besides that the traditional homeowners if you're not living in the home design owner occupied is invalid oh wow and so in five percent of the time there's not is not enough share this Huff thank you to Sean who sent that in that is a great honor however pronounce that but thanks for a text for tweeting that I knew that but I didn't didn't know I personally didn't come out of my brain at the right time thank you for reminding me in a really really good input thank you appreciate it gosh this is your stop for a second have a moment would you do Twitter just did something positive really working on usually need to take steps up yeah we need to take we just need to have a motor rider Twitter does something good it's just because ninety eight percent what's on Twitter is just trolling so it's just crap and why do I even look at it but well because occasionally there's a nugget of a good human being and a great mug so thank you Matthew is in Tennessee a math you welcome to the Dave Ramsey show L. Dave Kerr things like McCall quick question for you Johnson twenty years old my wife and I are pretty good other home we have a ten month old daughter and I would like to start college savings and I'm assuming the vehicle that appears to do that yes sorry top twenty non honestly wonder you guys recommendations on the best route about that thought about doing a Roth IRA you're not vehicle in case for some reason she does get scholarship but doesn't need to find out that you know I can be used towards our apartments are just when you guys stop the Mandarin conditions throughout Europe so Matthew tell me this what baby step are you on right now I was working out for you so what we call it was our home okay fantastic so you're added that you got an emergency fund and everything we have opted because single okay that was a little bit of money obviously yeah okay so what's your household income right now we're at a barrel it's just about a hundred and seventy a hundred seventy okay and how old are your kids going to Malaysia has models ten months okay all right and so you you're looking to to put away money have you looked into the ESA actually read of read online and others from incomes although it started out in the next year or so so you would you would you expect your income to go from one seventy to how much we yeah we will probably increase our income twenty five to thirty K. you're becoming more I thought I would say we probably paid obviously in the next year thing yeah yeah you will without a doubt well in that case what we recommend is the five twenty nine there are several types of five twenty nine so be where you're looking only for one kind and the one kind you want is the kind where you select the mutual funds and they do not move unless you move them some of these are life phase or their age based programs such as the kid gets older they automatically move the funds to more conservative types of funds no you control the funds are also technically speaking how the state programs were you have prepaid tuition are a technically a five twenty nine plan and you certainly don't want those are horrible so now you what you want is a mutual fund or series of mutual funds that are outperforming the S. and P. five hundred like we always purchase that a long track record in the side of a five twenty nine and you can find that by getting in touch with one of our smart Mr Perot's and they can lay all that out most of these five twenty nines not all of them but generally speaking you'll find them to have about a ten thousand dollar a year limit on what you can put in and so if you drop ten in this year ten and next year and ten in the next year for a baby you're probably done because at thirty you'll probably grow to a hundred and fifty by eighteen and and that would probably be plenty unless you're really trying to super beef it up now if they get scholarships you're allowed to remove the amount of the value of the scholarship out of the five twenty nine with no taxes so you don't get trapped by scholarships and no I would not do I would not have you to your Roth for your kids college and I would for that matter not do the kid a Roth they have to have an earned income but I would not do a Roth for them for their college anyway that's moving way past there so in your case I just dropped ten grand into a five point on this year and ten grand a year and then stop and look at where you are and let's see from there that we don't want to worry about the two hundred thousand dollar limitation on IG I on the essays and just get touch with smart Mr Perot click smart restaurant Dave Ramsey dot com and shut down one of them they can explain all that and help you out make sure you get in the right type of five twenty nine there's one other kind of five twenty nine that locks in once you buy it you can't change anything and you don't obviously don't want that that's ridiculous to say that there's some real trash under the heading of five twenty ninths with there's only one good one and that's the type I'm talking about in a better financial adviser would only advise you to go that way but some of them get all twisted up in so much crap that's out there so that won't happen with the smart buster pro you'll get advice they're consistent along with what we say that that's kind of what that's kind of what our typical guideline is this it is and then the income requirements out there for people you know you get certain levels and thresholds where you're not eligible for the essay so look at the five twenty nine is definitely a way to go but like you said Davis Marcus Cooper will guide you down the oldest pap and give you the information you need absolutely Laurie is in on Oregon hi Laurie welcome to the Dave Ramsey show Hey Dave Hey Chris nobody talked to guide you to home so I work for a biotechnology company where she doing pretty okay with this whole corner virus issue that's going on and I paid for my compensation is is performance units or stock units and I just received some and typically I would sell them right away because I know we're not supposed to have a bunch of single stocks and but during the time I just feel like I don't know if I should exercise them right now or if I should just wait a little while until things calm down don't you think this happening with the price I mean that the Dow's off over twenty percent are how far as a stock price off you know it's the stock price is doing still pretty okay considering what's going on based on what it does I mean it's only eighteen percent or it's off one percent what's I mean well the only down two dollars today what kind of price you will wait but it's down two dollars today today yeah okay what what what was it in January in January was two forty okay so it's lost the roof is lost twenty percent down but what the Dallas I would just sit on it and ride it how much of it if you got I have about sixty five shares okay yeah I would just ride that is rotten and let's let's let's of market rebound little bit before you cash it out because you may be trapping your losses down it's dropped drop forty dollars on two hundred yeah and how to do it is that ten percent or twenty percent can make my brain works for me without much later so yeah that's it's going about with the Dow's done I think so I would write it back up it's not it's not enough money to kill you one way or the other day and.

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David, Dave Ramsey, Helen Keller discussed on Dave Ramsey

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