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Reached. Out to me over the past several weeks when this issue was I had for surface so the first I heard about. It, was. When I was able to turn on. The television and listen to to Sanders And I have not heard anything from any government official since then before so I'm just watching the. News and I'm so glad that you and other members of the court the state are carrying out the responsibilities to report The American people you know what this reminds me when they used to. Ask a President Obama how he learned about this or how we learned about that I learned by, watching the TV I saw it on the TV I. Wonder I wonder? If the president is doing this to purposefully stick it to, the Obama administration I found out on TV just like you. Did I was watching the TV. I saw it in the paper Senator Mark Warner democrat Virginia He's saying you know what the actions of President Trump are. A blast from the past these people were being singled out to have either clearances revoked or in the process, of being revoked to me smacks of Nick Sonian type. Practices of trying to silence anyone who's willing to criticize this president have puts. Us again in uncharted territory I, wonder if there's president again I thought there was a bit of an irony that hit that one of the reasons they cited for taking away Mr.. Brennan's Clarence was Iraq behavior I wonder if this White House is lifted self in the. Mirror, on that, very question oh and Finally I worry whether this precedents somehow lead to the president trying to take away. Muller and his whole team this is clearly another effort to silence critics and. Not allow the molar, investigation and for that matter our intelligence committee investigation to get to the bottom of, this Sonian, practices I wonder will President Trump takeaway Buehler's security clearances yeah Will his security clearances be? Revoked Superior to James Clapper he's saying that this is. This is infringing on America's writes the larger issues here to me Throughout? Has been infringement on Phillips amendment, what people think seriously about that how. Do you mean specifically on first amendment rights when it comes. To security clearances some of our Unwise to speak Apparently Corporate -ness of being critical of this president in one degree or. Another all all of us have been taught the mention of a gym combing many, mccarey but don't have the clearance. Today Morris was sort of a cover for In the, first place with a non sequiturs. Since I didn't have the time they I mentioned there's never been all right well James Clapper how does not having your? Security clear, as stopping you, for, speaking stopping you from exercising your first. Amendment rights you know can. I have hey I don't have any rights in this I have a security clearance can I have a security clearance players I wish the president would yank Hillary Clinton's first amendment rights by taking her security clearance away take them, Holloway it's a beautiful thing I'm Arosa is back. In the news but this time I mean I'm Orosa, she had a very. Good friend, who turned on her, just as hard. As she turned on the president, at four thirty five Marozas inwards story goals up in smoke, twenty seven minutes after the hour you are listening to news talk five fifty. Caref- why time for the KFYI download with. JoAnne Bauer Glendale man is under arrest after police find. Him with drugs cash and stolen miracle. County, sheriff's office. Equipment police say Twenty-three-year-old Diego de as Gamez had an MS MCS oh a ar fifteen rifle a shotgun a? Deputies best, and a military, style, best he now faces a long list. Of charges a couple of. The euro-zone of firefighters are doing okay After. A rollover crash in, Nevada up the do firefighters were returning home after battling the car fire in northern California, on Monday when their engine blew a tire in. A rolled onto the highway just south of Walker lake the two men were yanked from the, engine and airlifted. To a nearby hospital. To be treated for what's being called, non-life-threatening injuries around four hundred, firefighters from. Arizona have been assigned to battle fires in the west most of which are in the Golden State Jayson Campadonia five fifty KFYI news this son of action star JEAN CLAUDE van Damme pleads guilty Lhasa. Denver police were called to an apartment after nNcholas. Barne Berg allegedly held his roommate at knife point he, faced multiple charges but. Guilty to, disorderly conduct prosecutors and, Paul manafort's Bank. And tax fraud case are crying, foul they claimed the defense violated the judge's ruling in its, closing arguments today the judge in fact agreed and then cleared up the matter. And his final instructions to the jury valley. Cop hailed a hero Glendale patrol officer j Jacob. Gonzalez Was in the right place at the right time last week responding to a separate call when David Holmes began pounding on the neighbouring door begging for help after. His two year old daughter was found in the family pool on behalf of me and all my family we just wanna tell officer Gonzales thank you so, much you know our daughter's. Hair because of you Gonzalez performed CPR with compressions and rescue breaths until she regained her breath let's get a check of your ride home with eastside Westside Bali here's lethal NC Trela yeah we got some slowing. Going on here on the east side that's for sure JoAnne one of those spots on the Santan, freeway eastbound two. Zero two very slow hitting. Home east from the one oh one over to Gilbert road heavy traffic also on the ten eastbound. Jefferson over to face line starting to slow up westbound ten you've got slowing from about the sixty out to the. Seventeen there at the split there's a wreck westbound ten at the sixty. And eastbound, some slow, and go also mill avenue over to Gilbert road crowd lotta slowing on the one zero, one southbound starting in Scottsdale and McDowell that can Continues. Out to Guadalupe. Road we got a bunch of sinkholes looks like. Three sinkholes have shut down Elliot, road for repairs between Ellsworth and. Signal Butte roads Steve how's the west side well we've got some stop and go traffic -ly I ten westbound from the mini stack. Out to sixty seven th avenue we've.

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