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I can complete the sentencing order based on what I've heard today and let's reconvene at 2 45. We're in recess. All right, that, of course. The last words Judge Peter Cahill just before him. Minneapolis, Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Shoving getting up and I was timing it. I think it was maybe 30 seconds, maybe 45 seconds. He made some very brief comments. Um, and was very somber, No doubt about it. But talking about that he couldn't say much, but that there would be more information coming in the future that he really couldn't talk about, And that was kind of it. Yeah, He did say that he hoped that what is the information that comes does give some peace of mind. But as June, Grasso told us earlier, Carol, it's unlikely that he would say anything because of the ongoing civil litigation. Right? Exactly exactly, And it's very tricky. Prior to him was his defense attorney Eric Nelson, making some comments and you know things that were Put out there before in order to either get a new trial. Eric Nelson saying earlier that, uh, Derek Sevens brain is littered with what ifs. Also saying Derrick, seven was not even scheduled to work on May 25th 2020. He volunteered because there was Short staffing at the time, pointing out he's not coming into this as a career criminal, or Tina Davis, whose executive editor of Legal Here at Bloomberg News, saying Having no prior convictions is one argument to ultimately reduce any sentence. Erik Nelson also talking about seven being a decorated police officer, certainly like to help people we should note. The court is taking a 15 minute recess right now. Well, the the judge does finish the sentencing guidelines, but we are expected to hear Derek Chauvin sentence in the next 15 minutes, Right? 15 minutes, the clock is setting. So approximately 3 45 Wall Street time We will anticipate hearing the sentencing of Derek Chauvin. In the meantime, we do want to remind you We've got a trading day getting ready to wrap up the trading week just about 30 minutes to go. Let's check in with Doug Christner. Hey, Carol. We see a lot of strength among financials today, the S and P 500 being led higher by the S and P. Financials Group. We know now that the big banks have passed the latest stress test from the Fed. Next week. We'll get announcement on dividends and stock buybacks right now the S and P 500.

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