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I want it right here right now and by using those kinds of phrases you're just letting rob op no the yeah you're here and I'm happy right now but if we don't win a championship and I don't get these other things that I've been asking for that that are extra. That's all GonNa consideration income negotiation time and I make to the clippers or I may go you know the San Antonio and be with pop and then become his new superstar pair with democracy rose. I duNNo. I may go do something else so you've got to be on your PS and QS. I can't imagine and look I. It's it's not signed. It doesn't mean anything other than somebody said something. I guess I mean especially look for rob. Pelinka has a reputation for being a guy that says something and something else happens. We we've talked about heath. We've talked about what he did to the blind guy in Cleveland with Carlos Boozer. Okay Gordon Guy Yeah <hes> but the fact is coded have to be that's pretty ice cold doco blind. That's pretty ice cold. There's no there's no way in the world the Lakers giveaway what they gave away without real assurances that Anthony Davis is going to stay here quote unquote long-term. There's no way he's here for a season down the road. I know you guys we do some serious research back here. I know you guys yes serious so it's an anniversary of sorts of day Chris. Oh so we had to do some research and we dug up. What are we got the Robo Cop Spanish trailer in Nineteen eighty-seven robocop which was violent movie for children to watch? I don't know why my parents only watch it. It was it was camp. The violence was camper so much it was over the the scene where the bad bad guy gets liquefied by face. That was a robocop. They do it right horrible. That's right you know. There's no better way to transition out of that. Nash you a question Travis. Do you love football. I love football. Do you love the beach I do. We it will be no seaweed and if you love one the Nisus for you when you hear Mason say Aloha our emily good luck and say malahide later families find that that's fine. That's what this is. They wrote a lot on that for someone to Remix Omi here well during our show today be the seventh caller to eight seven seven seven ten E._S._p._N.. And you'll qualify for the Rams Hawaii fly away yeah. What is it include you as Travis what was in include well it includes two tickets to the rams cowboys game on August Seventeen roundtrip airfare four nights hotel accommodations and a private tour of the Colo- rum distillery? Now thanks to our friends at.

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