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Moran is back. He didn't play amazing in his first game back, of course, after being injured. But I think tonight will be a better game for him. Memphis Grizzlies actually have been playing well. So I see them covering on the road against a warriors team that's also dealing a little bit with COVID injuries right now. Russian say injuries could just COVID related issues because sometimes when you see a ton of players go out, you're just waiting for the stars to be rolled out. And Steph Curry's rolled out for this game for some reason, then you know the grizzlies have a way better chance of winning it. The grizzlies have given the warriors fits over the last few seasons. You mentioned the game earlier in the year, but in that play in game last season too, that everyone thought the warriors were gonna smack them around. Griz won out and went to the playoffs and the warriors ended up. It's a team that even when Golden State gets up, they're not able to solve the puzzle that is the Memphis grizzly. So I like that bet and I can see why the light's moving where it is. Two bowl games for you. First one is December 24th that's Friday night. I call it my joy to the world special because as everyone is standing up in church singing joy to the world, you can check your phone to see what the score is in the Hawaii Memphis game. We're going to the Hawaii bowl here. Memphis has been skyrocketing. When we first started talking about this game a couple weeks ago, you could have met this -5. Now it's 8 and a half. I'd still lay it here because I don't think Hawaii wants anything to do with this game. There's been somewhat of a mutiny against head coach Todd Graham, starters wanted him fired school didn't fire him. So now I don't know how much his team's gonna care to show up to play for him in this game. Keep in mind the team's starting quarterback and their leading Russia, both entered the transfer portal at the end of November. They don't want to be a part of this team anymore. And even if they were all on the same page, they are an awful defects. And they're going to get set to go against a Memphis passing attack that ranks 16th in the country. I think Memphis puts it on on Christmas Eve, later in the late 8 and a half with the tigers over the rainbow warriors on Christmas Day. Georgia's state -6 over ball state, the Mac is having an awful bull season so far. Absolutely dreadful. And that's not the reason here. The reason is styles make fights. And Georgia state is a great rushing attack. They're number 9 in the country, excuse me, number 8 in the country in rushing. They love to run it and they're very good at doing it. They're going against the ball state defense that is 93rd in the country defending the rut. All right, Georgia state's got a lot of big game experience this year. They're not going to be shook here. They played all burn, they played North Carolina. They played Louisiana. They played Appalachian state. This is nothing for them. Open four now 6, anything shy of a touchdown I'm in on the Panthers, so it's Georgia state -6 over ball state. Because no one's going to hear from anyone on daily wager until Sunday, we can probably dabble with NFL Saturday. Packers lay in a touchdown at home against the browns, Arizona laying a point at home against the Cardinals, anything catcher I there. I think if I'm gonna play either of these games, I'm going cardinals moneyline. I think everyone is going to look at this loss.

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