Hannity, GOP, Ed Iskoe discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson - Inactive Black Conservatives


Where they're coming from you know what i'm saying like they they have this intelligence they don't know how to put into application they don't know how to pull the into policy they don't know how to put it into into government change you know what i'm saying like rail government change there are always told that they just do about voting for the democrats and do you remember i've been saying it for so long now if if you really wanted to change the politics in his city just go to republican on gop office and one of these democrats cities as wide open does go take the bitch oval and ed iskoe take it all and call on the cowry and we'll bring in people that don't talk like the people that the conservative movement got we we there's a roster all black conservatives that you will never see on hannity you will never hear in that mainstream spectrum united inaccurate give be given the speakers bodice seve back and they are so many of them that would be perfect for these inner cities but as soon as they step up they they are told that they don't fit they are told to change their hair they are you know like they are tall then they'll be conservatives to isn't enough as is some other part of their soul that they have to sell to be a part of this movement and their soul isn't for cell and those are the best people those are the quality people and those are the people they get keep getting pushed away from the conservative movement so i want to speak on that as speak on their behalf because a lot of them are ready to do this they contact me they tell me i'll follow you now i will you don't follow me we can running together but they're like no you you've done it in consistently you've done ha away.

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