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And five on 5 70 K l I have the big stories you mighta missed because you work for a living. A couple of stories that caught my attention, and this one actually goes back the first one a couple of months. James Allen White has not been seen since he was caught on tape nearly two months ago. He was on October 22nd buying gas for his 2019 black Porsche. At the race track on Inwood. He's now listed in this as an endangered person. So here's what happens. He goes to the L. A fitness in the uptown area right off of 75. Leaves in about 5. 45 goes over to this race track on Inwood fill up his car. They got it all of this on video. There's nobody in his car. He gets in his car and has not been seen since they find the car about a week later. And South Dallas with the keys are still in it hidden between some bushes. It's known to the people in the area. Police know the area to so they don't know what happened. This guy. I have no idea. There's a reward $20,000 families going and saying as you can. Well, imagine it was probably Carjacking gone wrong. See that? And they just wanted nothing to do with the car like when they accidentally killed him. Maybe maybe not the case. I hope the guy's still alive. Who knows? Yes, but That's probably what happened here is another one. This one actually happened about a week ago. Jason Landry 21 years old, goes to Texas State University and San Marcus. Was on his way home to Missouri City. That's right next to Houston. And he disappeared. He had a one car crash on a back road in Caldwell County, near Luling. They found his vehicle in the remote area near Luling, about 30 minutes from the campus, no sign of the student. They found his cell phone and his wallet in and around the car along with some other personal items. Crashed, his car disappeared. They found a little bit of blood in the car, too. They use scent dogs to track him. They tracked the scent. Dogs led them to a pond. They drained the pond. There's nothing there. Family going insane, as you could. Well, imagine guy gets in his car. Apparently, some kind of crash happens. Rural road on a rural road. They think he might have just not been paying attention and somehow ended up In this area. This very remote actually looked at it on Google Earth. It is very remote. And he's just gone. This has now been going on about nine days. I don't know where he is. I haven't heard from him that I didn't have a wallet or his phone. You never know when somebody hit him. Maybe on the rule road. Well, accident. We'll see that. That's what and then you come once again. You're like, um, you you want to save your seared do one terrible person. But you want to save yourself in Syria. Like I'm just throwing the thing in the back of the car and taking it somewhere else. I don't know. See these every now and then. These kind of stories happen. Yeah. I mean, we have Amber alerts because of this very type of situation and Amber Hagerman, unfortunately found a few days later, the body is found. They've never solved that case, but you have these type of things happening all over this country. I'm sure they happen all over the world, but they do happen in this country. And I just I cannot imagine what that would be like for the family. Where there is no closure. There's just wondering what in the world could have happened. Dying. I want to talk to that person so much. I wonder, where is my relative? Where is my son? My daughter, My husband, whatever it would be Awful. Hey, it really is especially just, you know, just before Christmas and yeah, it's college student and then this guy's a high powered executive. Who was a pretty exact person, you know, he did. His job was expected to be on a conference call at 7 30 that morning didn't show up, which was completely out of character for him. This is the guy who disappeared here in Dallas. Terrible and they have no idea what happened to these folks. Five and five. Coming up Next on 5 70 Kayla. J. C. Penney's breath up the Joy sale is on now shop and save on last minute gifts..

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