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That Gary Edwards. WHO's a retired secret service agent. is still running at but the accounts from tribes that had relationships with the foundation. showed otherwise, the several tribal leaders said they were ghosted by the team or when they reached out this spring for additional. Amid the COVID, nineteen pandemic summer asked about to said they asked about testing kits, and we're told that the foundation couldn't help so really. The operations have steeply declined and they are. The foundation is currently not in good standing with the state. Of Virginia now that's comes out of a result of not paying an annual fee, and not filing annual report, but that just shows that they're kind of not doing the basic. Despite. Apparently having several people on the payroll to run the foundation so it raises a lot of questions and. It just doesn't you know it doesn't add upright? Stand CIDER has a lot of money. The their main charitable foundation continues to give all of a sudden his contributions to the foundation and the. Grants and money that the foundation has given out have steeply declined. That coincided with the public pressure of the team name kind of receiving a bet until of course the last few weeks. It's incredible and it really shows like you know. What you do in the dark right, it's what you do when nobody's watching. And there is no public pressure that sort of reveals the character, and not that that's to say that we haven't known that about Daniel Snyder and not that it wasn't. Comical the fact they only decided to change the name after Nike and Fedex and everybody put pressure on them, but I mean this is the real and legitimate person right? This is the guy who is just doing things because other people are making them do it. And he felt pressured to start the foundation initially, and then once everybody stopped paying attention. He just let it get all dusty and copy, and that's just crazy to me. You know yeah I mean. It's pretty wild. If you kind of look at the timeline in how things worked out. And also, if you kind of track where some of the money went, tribes at spoke up in support of the team name There were a couple that signed on to a okay. I've been saying amicus brief, but then we were on the phone with one of the lawyers for the story, and he said a mucus brief and I'm like why. Am I saying I actually have no idea how to say this. If there's any lawyers, listening that can help us out. Another key demographic of our potter pot is English soccer fans in attorneys so okay, so they know how dumb I'm sounding potentially but. anyways, several of the tribes that. Were supportive in filing this brief in the trademark case, they were supportive of Washington keeping the trademark. ended up getting funding and connor, three high schools that use redskins as their mascot also received funding, and there are that many high schools across the nation anymore. There was a capitol news story in two thousand seventeen. That said that they found forty nine school, so it's not like this is. Necessarily very common and then two of the schools that use the R. Word as the got. have low percentage of native American students thirteen percent seven percent. So why are they giving to this community? Then you know it, you could make that connection. As many activists have asked so a lot of questions raised here and look. They're starting a new chapter. They're moving forward, but that doesn't erase the fact that they didn't follow through on. What has been their big public shield for keeping the name. That's fascinating. I don't know what. What is next and do you think that you know? An insight and you know more people finding out about this now I mean does that kind of come into intersection at all with the efforts to change the name does it, does it? I guess it struggles. Forces him to struggle a little bit more to make this seem legitimate and out of the goodness of his own heart at the very least. Yeah, it's interesting to see what the next step is. So the foundation's website has been taken down and a team. Spokesman said it was as they were doing this review. They took down the website because they didn't want anything to be scrutinized. which is sort of strange because? They put out a press release using the logo using the word. Anything with Redskins or the logo on it is offensive, so why just take down the foundations websites? When all of it? It needs to go and be reset obviously. I also thought it was interesting so USA Today had story. Earlier this they published about one PM and ours published about five thirty, and they had a a additional ninety in their story that showed that there was zero dollars in grants one one tax period later. I was not able to find that nine ninety, but it's interesting. The same day that both of these stories come out the team. A team source told Adam schefter that they do not plan to use any native American imagery in the rebranding. So You know it just I. Think I think what's frustrating here is yes. Native American communities do have a lot of needs, and there are reasons for that. They've been marginalized throughout history leaders in country, so the fact that there are a lot of needs on the reservation shouldn't be held against them because of institutionalized racism, but it has been wielded against them in the context of. The fight to preserve the name up until this point right? Okay well, they have a lot of needs. And here we are helping them and a lot of community leaders I talked to said many of the gifts that Washington gave out were. Playground equipment you know things for children or ipads for seniors, things for the elders. Those are two groups that they're not going to turn down resources for right I mean you want you value your children. You value your elders, and so you put communities in a tough position. Where here's a way to fill a need, but do we want to be associated with a team uses a dictionary defined word as a slur, and do we want to potentially be propped up as the endorsing the name or standing with the team and so? It just was exploitative as you're, you're you're telling disadvantaged communities here? We'll give you these funds and there's been a lot of aftermath from it. There's been riffs and tribal councils. There's been leaders removed from office, a lot of people I talked about one tribe, said the playground equipment. Some parents wouldn't let their children play on it. So I just feel like this part of the stories so important because they've clung all along to this mascot. In his Dan, centers fence has been while we help these communities, and if you talk to the communities, you realize it's not that simple. God. It's like you know. We. We we were talking about this a little bit on Monday where it's like you try to find the upside to it and I guess the upside is. That you know like we said there's not going to be an offensive image. There's not going to be offensive language. teams new branding launch, and you have to consider that a win, but then everybody else just keeps getting to operate the way that they've been operating the whole time you know, and it's just it's gross, but you know what at the end of the day it's good that you know. There are people like you and Mike Out There spotlighting this I would encourage anybody to read the story. It's GonNa be our daily cover today when the pod drops and you know. Tried to get a broader picture of everything right? You know there's there's always more to the story, so that's why I'm always happy that we do this podcast with Jenny because Jenny tells us when when there's important things that we need to know so I mean ninety percent of the podcast is talking about things that connor is written, so you really under selling yourself here? But the things that right is an important I'm just. I'm kind of the really underselling connor really underselling. Next News Topic I. got this one all right. Let's do it. Another piece of news. Coming out of the Patrick Mahomes deal Andy Reid is sticking around for a while Mahomes said that before signing the ten pack he made sure read would be around..

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