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Gary. Gary was there. Brent came in and they loaded it up and Baer had to do a whole lot of it by himself and travel through the night. And I was watching him, you know, thank goodness for cell phones, because I was watching them. And it was, he got home at 5 in the morning. Having to carry that thing out out off the Woods. He didn't have, he was way out there so he didn't have an easy way to get it out of the Woods. And so he got home at 5 in the morning, had the meals in the back of the trailer with him and the bear and it was as a mom, the support that we provide these guys actually is something that gives back to us. It's been really cool to see bear hunting has kind of been woven in our family. It really was the only way I could eat wild meat because it was better. And it was palatable. We've since learned how to make the other stuff good as well. But it's been something that's been a part of our family culture in a really special tradition from just putting our little babies on a bear hide for a picture to write to them, grow up and become a hundreds themselves. And it's just part of our family culture. So kudos to you guys who are here supporting whoever it is you're supporting. That's a hunter. It gives back. It gives back in a lot of different ways. And it's part of our culture as our cans and as Americans as clay says. And it's a part of all of our culture, even those of us who don't actually get out there and do the hunting itself. That was a good monologue. I think mine was better. I'll tell you what, it was pretty succinct. It was a shorter fishing trip. Brent, you got a bear hunt story for us? Yeah, last year I killed this many bears. So if anybody needs some help, sorry advice on how to kill no bears. Come see me, I'll be right over here. Yeah. 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That was fun. I was, I was supposed to tell who paid for all that, who's sponsored it and presented it. And I didn't. I didn't. Any guesses who sponsored that event. That's right. Yeah, for real, man. These guys, they got wind. I didn't ask them. They got wind of that we were thinking about doing a film premiere and they said, how much money do you need? And I told them, and he said, well, how about we give you more than that? And they allowed us to rent that facility. The guys at Onyx are incredible. And go ahead. They're also presenting sponsors of this event today as well. And as a chapter, we're very thankful for that. Support as well. So they're helping us out a ton. To keep access to open up access to public land. So, no, seriously, though, on X has been very good. I know a lot of you all have been up to do that stuff today and we appreciate their support. How many people have Onyx on their phone? All right. Drop me a pen where the bears are. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Now, they were incredible. You also forgot to say who did all the work behind the scenes. Oh yeah, Isaac Neil did all the work. See the guy with big earrings. Yeah. Isaac, Isaac helps me with bear grease. He's the assistant to the original. Marin, let's talk about bears a little bit more. So we now have a hunt in the gulf coastal plain. We do. And how many bears did they kill this year? Yeah, that's a big deal. That's a big deal. How many bears did were killed under this year? They harvested 28 bears. Of course, there was a quote of 25 the season ran from December 10th to December 16th, or when the quote was met, whichever came first, the quotas Monday, evening, roughly 5 or 6 o'clock. Well, it wasn't closed until Monday, three days into it. And there's a little bit of information, but I consider it great information. I consider the fact that the season ran through the weekend, I considered that a great success. Tell me what you mean by that. Well, it was long enough to at least get through the weekend. Okay. Okay, so what I really didn't want to happen was at such a time frame in the fall that you open season on Saturday in by noon Saturday they had already checked enough bears in the season closes and then you got a lot of spill over and everything else like that. So but I also didn't want the season set so late that a lot of bears weren't on the landscape. Remember what I talked about the dean in chronology of males and females. We want to set it late enough to where the females, some of them, or at least in the den to where they're protected. They're in a dense cycle, making the males. We want to bias the harvest toward males. So it ended up being 14 and 14, which isn't great. But at least it didn't close in the first half day of

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